Three Point One Four

Who: Dante, Keto, Tara, Wildflower and Nigma
Where: Security
When: Then
"We?" asked Dante. Keto sighed.
"YOU shoot," he corrected himself, "I'm not such a great shot with
this whole lot of no-weapons-at-all that I'm carrying. Let's go!"
With that, he turned away.
Keto barely managed to take three short steps before there was a
sudden yelp and a crashing noise from above him.
Wildflower collided with him with a thump, causing them both to fall
to the ground. She was rapidly followed by the falling bodies of Tara
and Nigma, leaving Keto at the bottom of a groaning pile.
Dante looked on, somewhat puzzled.
From beneath the bodies came a muffled yet undeniably angry voice.
"What are you doing HERE, you infernal nurse!? I thought I'd lost you
all in those cursed vents!"
There was a simultaneous response from Tara and Wildflower as they
both said in unison, "It was her idea!"
"Besides, you can't get rid of me, Charlie," pointed out Wildflower,
"I'm a vital part of the medibay!"
"No, a surgical tool is a vital part of the medibay. You're an
unfortunate accident that appears to continuously haunt me and my line
of work. Now, GET OFF ME!"
"I can't, I'm under Tara," said Wildflower, "Besides, you're comfy."
"I AM NOT COMFY! Cleavage, get off Wildflower!"
"I can't, I'm under Nigma!" replied Tara.
"Does anybody have ANY blueberries?" asked Nigma.
There was a sudden loud whirring from the nearby vending machine,
which then said in a chirpy voice, "I have blueberries!"
"Great! Can I have some!"
"Wait, don't-!" began Keto's voice, but it was too late. With a
gleeful noise, the vending machine suddenly spat out bunches upon
bunches of blueberries, showering Nigma, Tara, Wildflower and Keto in
them and almost completely covering them from head to foot. Finally,
the flow slowed and then stopped.
Nothing happened for a second.
"Well," said Wildflower brightly, "If we had a little bit of pastry,
we'd make a nice pie!"
There was an audible sigh from below the pile.
"I am going to count to three. I will not be held responsible for
what happens upon four. One."
Tara, overcome by a sudden urge for self-preservation, managed to push
Nigma slightly to one side, shook off the blueberries above and leapt
away from the pile, standing next to Dante.
"I don't like pie," she said flatly.
"Two," growled Keto's voice.
Nigma blinked, looked around, then sheepishly stood up and moved to
one side, clutching a few loose blueberries.
"Three!" snapped Keto.
Wildflower looked at Keto quizzically.
"Four?" she asked. There was another sigh.
"Okay, I was bluffing. Let me up and I'll stab you in the eyes."
"And what if I don't let you up?"
"Then you'll miss out on a valuable eye stabbing. GET OFF ME NOW!"
"That and the small army of skutters rolling towards you MIGHT just
flatten you," pointed out Tara cheerfully.
Wildflower looked up. Sure enough, further down the corridor, a vast
horde of skutters was swarming towards them, filling the corridor from
wall to wall.
"Well," murmured Wildflower as she stood up, allowing Keto to crawl to
his feet, "I guess they came for the pie."
"Right people, time to move," Dante said, stepping forward and cocking
his gun, aiming down the corridor. Tara, Nigma and Wildflower all
started to back away towards the other side of the security room.
Keto was already there, tugging futilely at the door.
"It won't open! IT WON'T OPEN! WE'RE TRAPPED!" he yelled.
"It's a push door!" snapped Tara. Keto glared at her.
"...I knew that," he muttered sullenly, pushing the offending door
open and hurrying through, the others following.
Letting off a volley of fire towards the oncoming skutters, Dante
called over his shoulder as they retreated, "So, that drive room
plan's still on, yes?"
"Yes!" snapped Keto, as Tara pulled out a small radio transmitter.
"Tara to engineering," she said, "We're on our way to the drive room
to activate the wormhole drive. Is anybody down there? Let us know
when you're ready for us to activate it!"
"Uh...yeah, will do," replied Callum's voice over the radio,
" are you going to activate it? Don't you need a pilot up
there for that? None of you are pilots."
Tara, Keto, Nigma and Wildflower suddenly came to a screeching halt.
"Ah, the idiot has a point," blinked Keto, "Does anybody here have an
idea how to activate the wormhole drive? Anyone?"
There was a second of silence, broken instantly by Dante running past
the four of them, still firing shots.
"RUN, you fools!" he yelled, snapping them back to life and back to
"Great," growled Keto, as Tara activated her radio again.
"This is Tara to any pilots," she said, "We're going to need a pilot
in the drive room."
A shot whizzed past her ear.
"Really, really quickly," she added.
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This has been a joint post, brought to you by Tara (Becca), Wildflower
(Ryan) and Keto (JHXMT), and the number 5.

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