*Action* - "A skutterless ship" pt2

Who: Eddie Monsoon
Where: Somewhere in the cargo bays
When: During the party
Eddie didn't like to miss a good party, but the Captain had sent him
on a mission into the Cargo deck to find the hidden moonshine
distillery of Jim Munro. Jim had been killed earlier on in the week in
the robot rebellion, and the Captain was worried that his distillery
would fall into the hands of the dangerous "Bloodhound gang", a group
of fierce genetically-modified animals and aliens, who had snook
aboard over the last few years looking for jobs but resorting to a
life of crime.
Eddie knew that if he was sensible he wouldn't go into such a crime
hotspot on his own, but a) this was an off-the-records mission from
the Captain, and b) he was a cocky, confident bastard.
Eddie walked down to the area he knew the distillery was in,
confidently swinging his keys around. These were they keys for every
area of the ship, that security needed in case immediate access was
needed for security reasons. Security personnel were not normally
recommended to carry such valuable keys around with them. But this was
Eddie (please see point B above).
It took barely 2 seconds for Eddie to realise he was surrounded. But
less than 1 to realise there was nothing he could do about it.
Wolf-like creatures dropped from rafters above, standing on all fours
snarling. They wore tatters of humanoid clothing, but it was unclear
how they even fitted into them. They barked orders to him as they
closed in all around him.
Minuted later, Eddie was tied to a chair in the middle of a large
sectioned off area of the cargo decks, with no keys.
He could hear the sounds of the party going off in the large room next
door, but there was no way he could shout loud enough to be heard.
Who: Rosette and Nikola Rachin
Where: Bargain Booze, Promenade
When: 40mins later
Rosette and Nikola had decided to head to the off-licence to pick up
some more booze for the party, as the free stuff that Jed was serving
out was pretty nasty, not to mention warm.
Rosette was just about to pay the Asian man behind the counter, when
they both turned to see a canine creature burst out of the back room.
It leaped onto the counter and snarled, foam coming out from between
it's teeth.
Another one appeared behind it, this one not quite so dog like, and
was slightly more recognisable as a human. "We're taking over this
shop." he spat.
"You mean ship?" Rosette asked.
"No. Just this shop." He shrugged his canine shoulders. "Gotta start
The shopkeeper protested, but the first dog ripped his head off with
one bite from his large powerful jaws. Nikola Rachin tried to pull the
dog away, but got pulled back by several more mutts that came from the
back room. He was slashed across the chest, before being pulled back
behind one of the display racks of wine, where Rosette turned away as
she heard savage ripping and chomping.
The most humanoid of the pack walked to the shop front and pulled the
shutters down so nobody outside on the Promenade could see inside.
"Why are you doing this?" Rosette asked him.
"That will become clear in time." Said the lead dog. "For now we're
going to take over all shops on the Promenade, one at a time."
"Not Parrotts bar too?"
"Especially the bar!" the dog boasted.
Outside on the Promenade, Security officers Chris Harris and Dante
Wendigo noticed something funny going on in the Bargain Booze.
Who: Jay Chrysler and Katrina Salter
Where: Flight Deck
When: Same time
"This place is a mess". Said Jay, looking around him at the robot
carcasses and debris from the fighting. Katrina nodded.
Jay looked over at the row of parked Starbugs. At least most of them
had remained relatively untouched, apart from ones him and Mk10 had
banged into during their fight.
Then Jay noticed something that d changed recently. Some of the
Starbugs were propped on bricks, and the Space Eagles had their
radio's stolen. Most of all, one was missing.
"Jay to Security... Harris we've had a Starbug stolen, looks like
maybe some chavs have gone for a joyride?"
"Bit busy at the moment Jay, we've got a problem on the Promenade. We
could use your help."
Jay looked at Katrina and raced towards the express-lift.
< OOC – I'll explain the missing Starbug later, for now the
'Bloodhound gang' are taking over the shops on the Promenade one by
one, we should defend them, especially Parrotts! If you have an extra
complication you want to add in, please do. We have only mentioned a
small amount of what is on the promenade, so you can mention any
number of different interesting shops. >

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