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Who:- Jay, AmberWhere:- Jays officeWhen:- Before Jay was called to the promenade.
"Amber" Jay said, leaning back in his chair behind, what remind of his desk. Amber, would normally be sat across the desk from him, but due to the fact that the guest's chair had been broken apart and used as weapons by scutters mere hours before. "Yes Jay?" Amber replied.
"You've probably already heard about Dean.."
"Yes..." she replied "It, came as quite a shock"
"To you and me both, I had to break the news to his family this morning, they'll be coming aboard in the next few day's ready for the funeral. Anyway, I digress" He said, standing up, then bending down to his broken desk on the floor, picking something out from one of it's drawers.
"I called you here, because, you've impressed me over the last year or so that you've been working for me." he said "apart from a little experience of you helping my counterpart destroy mankind that is!"
"I was just following orders flyboy!"
Jay chuckled, then got back to the point. "Fact is Amber, I need a new deputy since Dean's passing, and well, I'm offering the job to you, giving you first refusal. It's yours, if you want it."
Amber smiled.
"Are you shitting me?" she replied
"I shit you not" Chrysler replied "You're probably the most talented pilot on my roster, apart from me of course. I feel as though I could trust you to run this department if I wasn't around, might as well make it official, and of course give you a significant payrise to boot."
"Jay..I don't know what to...
"Say yes"
"Ermm...ok! YES!"
Jay stepped forward and pinned a shiny brass badge on her uniform, next to her pilots wings and rank insignia.
"Amber Keats, it is my honour, and pleasure to promote you to the rank of Lt. Commander, and the position of Deputy Cheif of Navigation, and all the rights and privileges therin."
He turned away for a second and spoke to a wall terminal. "Holly, upgrade Ambers security clearance to level 3, authorisation Chrysler J. - 378 kilo, lima, echo"
"Jay, Thank you" Amber said.
"Thank yourself. You earned it. Now...first duty as deputy CNO,...." Jay moved to the window of his office that overlooked the flight deck, and noticed his girlfriend entering, in a wheelchair from her injury, yet still carrying her toolkit in one hand. Jay, turned back to Amber "You're in charge of supervising the clean up operation!"
With that, Jay dashed out to Katrina
"Put the toolkit away!" he yelled "Tara's signed you off active duty for a month!"
"Aww come on!!" Katrina replied "I'm going stir crazy! I need to do something!"
"Well you're not doing it on my flighdeck! Don't make me ban you from coming down here!"
"You'd miss me too much..."
"I might get some work done...."
He kneeled next to his girlfriend and kissed her, then looked around the flight deck.
<snip>"This place is a mess". Said Jay, looking around him at the robotcarcasses and debris from the fighting. Katrina nodded.Jay looked over at the row of parked Starbugs. At least most of themhad remained relatively untouched, apart from ones him and Mk10 hadbanged into during their fight.Then Jay noticed something that d changed recently. Some of theStarbugs were propped on bricks, and the Space Eagles had theirradio's stolen. Most of all, one was missing."Jay to Security... Harris we've had a Starbug stolen, looks likemaybe some chavs have gone for a joyride?""Bit busy at the moment Jay, we've got a problem on the Promenade. Wecould use your help."Jay looked at Katrina and raced towards the express-lift.
<end snip>
Who:- Jay, Harris, Dante, Security teams.
Where:- Promenade
"Chris," Jay yelled, running up alongside the two security officers. "What the hell's going on? I nearly got decapitated by a dude in a Scooby Doo costume!"
"No costumes dude." Chris said, handing Jay a shotgun "Promenades under attack by some"
"If only..Werewolves wouldn't overthrow the offy"
"They.....did.....what?" said Jay, his eyes narrowing in fury. The off license were currently doing a buy one get one free deal on carling 12 packs. Perfect for when he and Phil watched the footy.
Jay cocked his shotgun, and headed toward the shop in question...
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