An unlikely alliance.

Who:- Vanessa, various pub-goers. Doctor Keto
Where:- Parrotts
when:- During the attack
Saturday night in Parrotts bar was always a carzy time. Drunken crew members
causing all kinds of havoc in every corner of the bar. On one side you had a
man who had set himself alight,...with a bar of soap stolen from the gents.
Across the place was a woman who was currently unconcious, dribbling all
over the lap of a member of the engineering staff.
Vanessa Chrysler was in slightly better shape, she'd only just arrived and
was ordering her first round of drinks for she and her friends.
"NURSE CHRYSLER!" came a familiar voice from the bar's entrance.
"Doctor Keto." she responded, half-heartedly. "What
"I was passing by this unsanitary property, when I noticed you ordering
several alcoholic beverages. Are you or are you not due for a medi-bay shift
in little over 6 hours?"
"Yes sir, but I..."
"NO BUTS! I expect my staff to be nothing but the very pinnacle of
professionalism at all times! That isn't going to happen when they're
gallavanting around the previous night drinking Tequila Slammers!!"
"I'm not going to get drunk Doc'! Just having a quiet drink with friends!"
"Believe me, Nurse, there is no such thing as a quiet drink in this
"Even so, I won't be hungover, late, or drunk when I arrive for work
"Be sure that you're not!" said Keto, stealing a handful of peanuts from the
open packet on Vanessa's drinks tray. "And now, I bid you goodnight"
Vanessa made a face behind Keto as he walked away, and turned to head back
to her friends.
Keto barely made it to the door, when out of nowhere, three strange dog like
creatures blocked him in, growling viciously.
"What is the meaning of this?!" he demanded.
"Were' taking over this 'ere pub" said one of them. "And well, I'm afraid
the current infestation is going to be exterminated."
"Thank goodness for that" Keto replied "This place is a health hazard, what
exactly is it infested with?"
"I'm sorry what?"
"Not getting you...."
"Doc!" Yelled Vanessa, "HE SAID HUMANS! LOOK OUT!!"
Keto, who had turned around to look at Vanessa as she spoke whirled around
to see the open jaws of one of his antagonists lurching toward him, he
ducked aside sharply, sending the dog creature crashing into a table.
He darted over to where Vanessa stood.
"We have to defend this place!" He said, panicking.
"What? Why do YOU care about this, what did you call it, unsanitary
"Unsanitary it may be! But the sunday morning rush of alcohol poisoned
patients coming into the medi-bay is my most profitable time! I lost this
place, my profits will halve!"
"Always the caring healer eh?"
"Look, I became a Doctor for the same two reasons anyone does, money, and
power. Seeing as how the only power I have is over a bunch of incompetant
morons who couldn't follow an order to tie their shoe laces correctly, I
have to protect my other...incentive!"
"Fine, but I expect a bonus tomorrow if you want my help caring for you're
"profits" tomorrow.."
She stood, and grabbed two pool cues off the nearby table, and tossed one to
Keto. "Come on!" she yelled to him, before darting across the bar toward the
attacking creatures, swinging her cue like a perfectly mastered bo-staff.
"Hand to hand?" Keto murmured "You've got to be kidding me!" he said, as he
cowered under a table, watching from afar as Vanessa tackled one of the
canine brutes. He looked up, and caught the dartboard in the corner of his
"AHA!!" he leapt to his feet, and grabbed a set of darts from the board, and
immediately began to toss them at the attackers. His first shot, missed by a
mile, and embedded itself in the back of Vanessa's exposed calf muscle.
"AAAAAAGH Doc! Watch where you're throwing those things!"
"well, if you will dress like a cheap prostitute in that mini-skirt!" he
shrugged, and threw the other darts, these shots were perfect, each of his 2
remaining darts piercing the right eye of two different dog-creatures, who
immediatley retreated. Vanessa, fighting the last invader, had, despite her
small size, pinned the dog-monster to the floor with her cue, and was
struggling to keep it on the ground with all her weight, as it fought back
against her.
Keto ran over, and grabbed a large bottle from the optics behind the bar,
and smashing it over the attackers head, knocking it out, just as a security
officer arrived to take it away.
"Well" Vanessa said "This call's for a celebration!", she immediatley
proceeded to order a large vodka-redbull for herself. "Oh, and Peggy," she
said to the landlady "Let's have a packet of peanuts for the good Doctor
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