Seymour - "An unfit parent"

Who: Seymour Niples
Where: Ambassadorial Apartment and Promenade
When: As the Bloodhound gang take over Parrotts bar
Seymour looked around his prestigious apartment. "How dare that filthy
pleb Rosette call this glorious apartment mere 'quarters'?" He said to
himself. "It is the most impressive living space on the entire ship!"
He looked around for his latest copy of 'Ideal Homes' magazine, and
thought about phoning them to come take some photographs.
Instead, he came across a pile of unopened post. Opening the first
envelope he gasped as he read the letter inside. It was from some
lawyer's office onboard the Blue Dwarf. Seymour wasn't aware the Blue
Dwarf even had a lawyer's office onboard, but the address was clearly
marked as on the promenade, next to the shoe shop.
In plain and unfriendly terms, the letter mentioned his relationship
with his daughter, Alota, and her mother Jennifer Bond. They had only
had a brief relationship, but the awkward result had been a beautiful
baby girl they had named after the late Captain Alota Chrysler.
Seymour hadn't seen much of baby Alota recently, as he had been busy
with all the hectic goings on of shipboard life, and when he did have
time spare it wasn't convenient with Jenny. The letter then went on to
then say that Seymour was now forbidden to see the child, due to
showing a "Significant disinterest in the child's development".
Seymour sat down as he read the harsh news. From his perspective he'd
always tried, but Jenny wouldn't let her near the baby, saying she'd
just gone to bed, or it wasn't a good time. He felt hurt and betrayed.
Seymour crumpled up the letter and stormed over to Jenny's quarters.
He banged on the door and shouted to her.
He paused and put his ear to the door. Silence. He thought he would
have been able to hear the sound of the television, or the baby crying
at least, but nothing.
More angered, he stomped down to the Promenade. He deliberately took
the stairs and not the lift, just so he could dramatically stomp all
the way there.
He entered the Promenade through one of the glass double doors, and
immediately noticed something different. The smell was the same, that
smell of a hundred shops, from leather, to coffee, to fresh fish from
the fish market. But something was different. The lights were slightly
dimmer, there weren't many shoppers around, and there was a huge
collection of Security Officers putting a cordon around several shop
Trying to ignore them all he headed for the Lawyers office next to the
shoe shop. Almost immediately he was stopped by Chris Harris and Dante
Wendigo, who were bossing other security officers around.
"Wait Seymour, you can't be here right now." Harris said in a very
clear and determined voice.
"But i need to get to-"
"Listen to the man!" Said Dante, his huge bulk of a body stepping in
front of Seymour to block his path. Seymour tried to push past, but
Dante didn't move a milimeter, it was like trying to push a rock face.
Seymour finally gave up and looked up (and up) at Dante. "I'm terribly
sorry chaps. What's going on?"
Harris explained. "Some gang of gelfs is trying to take over the shops
on the Promenade. They've shut themselves in the off-licence." He
pointed to the off-licence, which had all it's shutters closed, and
twenty Security Officers surrounding it with weapons pointed towards
the doors and windows.
He then pointed further down. "Then Parrots came under attack just a
few minutes ago. We've fought them off for now, but expect more any
moment now, we're doing what we can to barricade and defend it to stop
them from getting in."
Just as Harris finished speaking, there was a loud gunshot and the
sound of smashing glass could be heard. They all turned around to see
one of the Security officers drop dead, and a gelf peering through the
now-broken shop face of Mothercare, the shop immediately adjacent to
the off-licence they were so intently watching.
Harris quickly ran behind his men, and Dante pushed Seymour to one
side, this wasn't any special treatment for Seymour's safety, Dante
was doing exactly as his Security training told him – protect the
Harris yelled at his men to open fire, and dived behind a temporary
barricade they had put up for protection.
The gelf however, who had a weird squid-like head, only fired off one
more shot before he jabbed a button which brought the security blind
down around the shop he was in. The security team fired, but their
shots bounced off the protective metal grill.
"Damn!" Said Harris. "They're moving from one shop to the next.
Someone get me the schematics of these shops, I want to know which
shops they can easily get to." He split his security teams to now
cover both shops, and called the medics to come and pick up his
mortally wounded man.
The Promenade was one long lane, with shops on both sides. So far, the
invaded shops have all been on the same side. Harris looked over to
the shops behind them and turned to Dante. If they get in those shops
behind us then we're really screwed, we can't cover both sides at once."
Dante nodded in agreement, and held his bazukoid up to his chest.
"Lets go check 'em out." he said.
Harris and Dante ran off to the other side of the Promenade, starting
with the coffee shop. Leaving Seymour stood between two rows of shops,
any of which could have angry gelfs with guns, or rabid dogs with
sharp claws.
His phone rang and it made him jump, as well as several twitchy
security officers. He answered it and there was was a long pause
before anyone said anything. When a voice spoke it was a woman's
voice, speaking in a frightened whisper.
"Seymour... I don't know what to do. I'm trapped and I'm scared."
Seymour knew exactly who it was.
"Jenny, where are you? Is baby Alota okay?"
"I came to mothercare for some baby food... and these...dogs... they
ate the shopkeeper. I'm hiding behind an aisle of nappies."
"Is Alota with you?"
"Of course!"
Seymour bit his lip. "Stay quiet, and I'll see what I can do. "
"Seymour she's a baby, babies don't stay quiet!" There was a fumbling
and the phone went dead, leaving Seymour shouting aimlessly at the phone.
<To be continued. Tag Harris and Dante, you can check the other shops
for Gelfs!>

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