Team Twin

Who: Amber and Rufus
Where: The Promenade
When: During the fun
--- Flight Deck Offices ---
Amber looked out of her new office. It was untidy, a lot of Dean's
things still lay around on the desk and shelves. A toastie maker lay
unused on the corner table near the door, a mini-fridge sat
underneath. Amber sighed and looked at the pile of paperwork on the
desk that Dean would never complete now. She shook her head. There was
a commotion outside the door and the sound of something hitting the
floor. Amber cautiously walked to the door grabbed the toastie maker,
ready to slam it down on the head of the intruder.
"Who is it?" She asked, slowly opening the sliding door. Rufus lay on
the floor, picking himself up and dusting himself off he grinned at
"Heard about your promotion sis. Had to come say congtats." He
gestured around the room behind her. "Gonna show me around or what
"T'ch... cheeky smeg. Fine, come in, it's still fairly messy in here a
lot of Dean's stuff is still... Well... Don't wanna throw it out you
know?" She put the toastie maker back in it's place and sat behind the
desk. Rufus limped into the room, his leg was patched up but the old
wound still gave him trouble. He felt like that old 20th Century
doctor House sometimes.
"Yeah, I know. All of Trisees stuff is still sitting in his little lab
in the cargo bays. Can't bring myself to get rid of it. Especially
since Shaksey is back, he looks so like him...." Rufus looked around
the room, and seeing that being here right now wasn't going to be
great for anyone spirits he proposed an idea. "What about The
Copacabana. On the Promenade. No one will be there, they'll all be in
"Good idea. I don't need a bunch of people trying to congratulate me
right now. Not when I'm only here because Dean died." She stood up and
headed out of the door with Rufus, walking in the direction of the
--- Promenade ---
When they reached the Promenade the scene was a complete nightmare,
Security and dog creatures were battling it out in store fronts along
one side of the Promenade. Fighting had spilled over to some shops on
the other side, but it looked fairly contained for now with the
civilian help.
"Looks like they need our help bro." Amber grinned, the evil glint in
here eye just noticeable at the prospect of getting to 'kick something
"Indeed." Rufus paled at the thought of combat, he'd had quite enough
of acting brave for one lifetime let alone twice in as many weeks. He
wasn't quite as cowardly as Seymour, but given the chance he'd be
anywhere else but here.
"T'ch wuss!" Amber said, throwing herself at a full run towards the
fighting and yelling a Hymenopterran battle cry, just to unnerve the
GELF dogs. Rufus shook his head and ambled after his sister, ready to
pick her up once she got in too deep.
Amber ran into Tesco's and rugby tackled one of the dog creatures. It
was taken back by the surprise and stumbled back at the blow slightly
"Stoopid Ooman!" The creature growled through sharp fangs. Amber
gulped beginning to regret the rash decision to rush on in. It rushed
her back, and Amber jumped out of the way, leaping onto the edge of
one of the open a frozen foods freezers. She wobbled on the thin metal
edge for a moment before bouncing onto the floor behind the GELF. She
ducked back and grabbed something from the freezer.
"A frozen chicken?! Greaat" She mumbled and launched it at the dog. It
landed square on it's snout like nose and a stream of blood ran down
it's hairy face and chest.
"Now I'm angrrry" It growled snarling at Amber. This time it was
prepared for her speed and reflexes, anticipating her dodge it jumped
her and pinned her to the floor.
"Not so cocky now are we." It snarled preparing to bite out her
jugular. There was a large cracking sound and the creature fell limp.
"Not so cocky now are we?" Rufus mimicked, pushing the creature off
his sister with the now bloody end of his cane. "What would you do
without me?" He grinned, helping her up. It was at this point, that
Dante rounded the corner.
"Dante!" Amber squealed. "Long time no see." She grinned and hugged
the 7 foot giant. "Where on earth have you been?"
OOC - Tag whoever really, Dante carry on if you want but it's open to
anyone on the Promenade really.

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