*Actionette* - Rosette and Shakespeare "Torture"

"Don't toy with me!" jayne shouted, ordering the dogs to tie her up too.
"I'll leave you two to savour your last moments..." she said, as she
walked away. The dogs carried the two towards a cargo bay, taking
back-passages and maintenance tunnels that were now completely devoid
of life, and skutters, thanks to the recent robotic rebellion.
"Thanks for sorting my hand... I'm Rosette by the way..." she said,
trying to make conversation with the equally as helpless bard.
<end snip>
Who: Rosette, Shakespeare and "Jayne"
Where: Cargo bay
When: Just after Rosette was caught and tied up
Jayne ran her hand through her long dark blonde hair and looked over
at the two she had captured. She felt nervous butterflies in her
stomach as she looked at Rosette. She bit her lip as she remembered
the first time they met, and the personal vendetta they had for each
other ever since.
A gnarled gelf dog walked over to her, at first she thought it was
going to nuzzle at her leg, but it just stood there waiting.
"Yes?" Demanded Jayne.
"The prisoners..." said the dog. "Do you want us to rough them up a
little before you interrogate them?"
Jayne turned her head away in disgust, she didn't want to have to do
this. If only there was another way. She took a deep calming breath
and turned back to the dog. "Yes." she said.
She didn't like it. But it was her job.
**An hour ago**
A starbug sailed perfectly between two asteroids, craftily missing a
third, and made a wide arc around a moon, using the gravity to build
up extra momentum. It was piloted perfectly, as if the person
navigating was an expert that had dedicated her entire life to
piloting. This had not been true as in the entire 4 years of her life
she barely had the luxury of flying. Which was a shame because she was
so good at it, after all she had inherited some good genes.
Jayne was tall for someone only four years old. She was a fully mature
human, with dark blonde hair and soft brown eyes that were a pit of
sorrow and pain. Had she not fallen in with the wrong crowds, Jayne
might have been a fun person to be around. But unfortunately she was
in a nasty line of work.
On her forward scanners she saw the JMC Blue Dwarf. She braced
herself. She had a job to do.
Jayne walked behind Rosette, her pacing making the tied woman feel
uneasy. Rosette squirmed to free her tied hands. "What do you want?!"
She demanded.
Jayne chuckled slowly. A calm chuckle that was completely intended to
intimidate Rosette. "Information." She paused for dramatic effect.
"Information that I'll get if I have to kill every person onboard. So
it would save a lot of torture and death if the first two people I
interrogate cough up."
She continued pacing around the room. "When a JMC or Space Corps
starship is a long-distance away from Earth, the coordinates of Earth
are kept in an encrypted file, just in case the ship is captured by an
enemy. I want the encryption password."
Rosette gritted her teeth.
"Listen, I know you really want to torture me and everything... but I
only came aboard as a stowaway, do you think they'd trust me with that
kind of valuable information?"
Her outburst just gained her a thwack on the head from a nearby gelf.
"In that case your torture will be long and painful, just to make sure
you're telling the truth." said Jayne. She then commanded to the
guards. "Take her away. Put her in cold storage or something. I'll
start with this guy." She pointed to an unnerved Shakespeare as
Rosette was taken away.
"But whats't dost thou wants't with me?"
"Oh dear why do I always start with the simple ones?" She said. "I
might as well just kill you now."
"Cowards die many times before their deaths, The valiant never taste
of death but once!" he said wincing as a gelf handed Jayne a powerdrill.
<tag Rosette or Shakespeare. Neither of your characters know this
information, so how much torture can they take?>

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