expanded memories (a continuation)

<This is a continuation from my previous post, aptly
named 'memories'>
As Rosette stared at the scar... a small bullet wound with a tear
either side that the doctors cut to remove the small piece of metal.
"Rosette LaChance"
"Thats not it!" Rosette shouted, then stopped and turned around.
She was face to face with that very same person. "Oh." she added.
It could also be noticed very easily that she was surrounded by dog
like things, and that the only way to escape would be a fight to the
death... her death. She dropped her knives.
"what do you want with me?" she asked, her mind flashing back to the
night she was shot.
She was standing in almost the same situation as now, thugs
surrounding her, with Jayne in front of her.
"I'm going to make you suffer.. your family has given me everything
i have now, and i want more." she said, before shooting Rosette and
leaving her for dead. In the real world, things were more
"What i want from you? Nothing... I just want to make you squirm
again, this place is your new home? your crewmates your new family?"
She asked, stepping to the side, revealing Shakespeare tied up
behind her, surrounded by a few dogs.
"Uhh... i don't even know who that is... he just helped me
earlier..." she admitted, looking down at her hand. Shakespeare
had given her the bandages she had before getting the robotic hand.
"Don't toy with me!" jayne shouted, ordering the dogs to tie her up
"I'll leave you two to savour your last moments..." she said, as she
walked away. The dogs carried the two towards a cargo bay, taking
back-passages and maintenance tunnels that were now completely
devoid of life, and skutters, thanks to the recent robotic rebellion.
"Thanks for sorting my hand... I'm Rosette by the way..." she said,
trying to make conversation with the equally as helpless bard.
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