Getting Nutted

Who: Keto, Vanessa
Where: Parrott's Bar
When: During the Promenade dog-men invasion
Keto ran over, and grabbed a large bottle from the optics behind the bar,
and smashing it over the attackers head, knocking it out, just as a
officer arrived to take it away.
"Well" Vanessa said "This call's for a celebration!", she immediatley
proceeded to order a large vodka-redbull for herself. "Oh, and Peggy," she
said to the landlady "Let's have a packet of peanuts for the good Doctor
Half an hour later and Vanessa and Keto were managing to ignore most
of the commotion that was still going on out on the promenade outside
Parrotts by two very simple methods - arguing between themselves, and
getting as drunk as possible...Vanessa on vodka and vodka-based
drinks, and Keto on peanuts.
"Come on Doc," said Vanessa, sitting back down with her next drink in
her hand, "You're at least three packets behind!"
"'d like t'see you eat this m'ny peanuts this quickly," managed Keto,
blinking. It was a side-effect of his misspent ointment-based youth
that alcohol, per se, had little to no effect on him, whereas the
ordinarily harmless legume known as the peanut sent his brain into
spirals. He reached across to a neighbouring table, the previous
occupants of which had just run screaming past Parrott's window
pursued by a pair of wolfmen, and stole the bowl of peanut packets on
"Aha! Victory is mine!" he said loudly, and then grew steadily more
frustrated as he tried and failed to open the next packet of peanuts.
"Curse 't! Why'd'thy have t'make the damn'd packets so small?"
"Do you think we should be helping out there?" asked Vanessa, somewhat
disinterestedly glancing out of the window before turning back to the
"No," said Keto firmly, "Because...because...uh...because they're out
there 'n we're in here. How're we meant to help them like tha'? Best
to save everyone th' trouble an' stay here, out of the way with th'
alcomahol and peanuts."
Vanessa glanced at Keto. He was definitely slumping on the chair,
rather than sitting on it.
"Doc, I think you're drunk," she accused happily. Keto snorted.
"'m not drunk," he said defensively, "'m nutted. YOU'RE drunk!"
"Me? I'm fine," said Vanessa, sitting more upright and ignoring
messages from her brain to the contrary, "It'd take a lot more than
this to get me drunk."
"'s that a fact?" said Keto, raising one wobbly eyebrow before
glancing around the bar, "Okay. How 'bout a bet? You finish off that
shelf there..."
He waved one hand vaguely in the direction of a shelf of bottles
behind the bar.
"' I'll finish off that shelf THERE..."
This time the gesture was towards the snack shelf.
"' we'll soon see who's the drunk' who's the DOCTOR, Ms
Vanessa glanced at the shelves, then at Keto, then at the shelves again.
"Okay doc," she said, "You're on."
"'m on what?"
OOC: Werewolf invasion? Pfft. Getting's drunk's more important. ;)
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