Who: Shakespeare
Where: Promenade
When: Amongst all other occuring moments
Shakespeare stood in the stationary shop on the promenade looking at
all of the pieces of paper in awe. He had strong desires to write and
work on his play, and now that the robot menace was over and his part
played he'd been ordered to go and relax by Captain Calvert.
Shakespeare was still unsure if he was fitting in to the crew but was
learning to ignore the nagging feeling in his head. It seemed as
though only a few hours ago that he'd appeared in a bathroom, been
chased by mega crazy robots, shot a gun at a strange robotic fellow,
dropped down a chute nearly breaking his back and met some strange new
crew members.
He'd decided that to take his mind off the fact that he was new to the
ship but not, he would start writing his latest play again. It was a
raucous comedy about a doctor who lived aboard a pirate ship searching
for his lost father. He'd named it 'Father Gold' and was excited
about performing it.
He stroked his chin and looked up and down the pen aisle. He needed a
new notebook and pen, he wasn't able to write the same way on ship
"Wherefore art thou desk attendantst?" he mused to himself.
"Oi!" He heard a voice behind him. Shakespeare spun around in worry
to see the space behind him was empty.
"Dost I hath hearing problemst'?" he wondered, backing away from the
door to the shop.
He heard another voice from somewhere else in the shop and spun on his
heels again. Again, nothing seemed to be present with him.
"I be'st strangely worrying abous't thy situation."
Shakespeare backed up even more, resting against the folder section of
the aisle. He looked left and right, trying to spot whomever was in
the shop with him.
"Ist any of thy people's therest?" he asked.
"Right here!" said the voice right into Shakespeare's ear.
Shakespeare gasped as he felt something hard and solid thwack him on
the back of the head.
The world faded to black.
<Oh noes! Shakespeare got caught by the gang!>

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