Who: Rosette LaChance, with a few cameos
Where: about everywhere
when: after the invasion of dog-like gelfs.
"Hold still, this will probably hurt quite a bit.." Rufus admitted,
before placing a robotic glove over Rosettes damaged hand. Blades
and spikes implanted themselves into her hand, causing her to scream
in pain for a couple of seconds. She looked down at her hand, and
clenched it into a fist. The fingers of the glove where her missing
fingers were closed too.
"wow..." she said, amazed. Rufus smiled at his handiwork, and then
at her.
Rosette blushed slightly. "thanks for saving me... i probably
wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for you, and i definitely wouldn't
have a working hand...." she hugged him, and kissed his cheek before
dashing off. Rufus smiled, and sighed.
Rosette knew where she was going, she'd heard the alarms from the
promenads, and took a detour on her way there to the security
offices, where she managed to easily acquire a pair of knives, and a
pistol. It helped that most of the security team were at the
promenade right now, trying to fend off the gelfs.
***soon after***
Rosette stepped onto the promenade from the lift, and immediately
ducked into the first shop she came to. Working her way through the
shops, she soon heard screaming from the other side of a wall, and
put her pistol in a holster, and drew her knives. She held on in
each hand, one facing up, and the other facing down. This brought
back memories of her time on earth before being trapped on
the 'Dwarf.
**cue flashback**
Ducking behind a bin, a younger Rosette held two knives in the same
way she was on the dwarf. She peered over the bin, and saw a group
of three large men, all holding some kind of sub-machine gun. She
looked up at the fire escape ladder above her, and then back to the
three men. They were only a couple of metres away from her...
**Back in real life**
The next shop along was a small convenience store, she could see
three dog like people surrounding a young man, carrying a basket of
food. She looked up, and saw a light fitting just above her. It
looked strong enough to take her weight.
Rosette put the knives away, in pouches around her belt, and jumped
up, grabbing hold of the ladder above her. She swung, and let go.
In the air, she drew her knives again, and landed in the middle of
the group, slicing one across the chest with her back-hand blade,
and stabbing the other in the neck with the other. Both went down.
She turned all of her attention on the last one standing, and tore
into him with both blades. The injured thug looked on in horror as
she tore into his chest, almost ripping out his ribcage. Turning
for a split second as the injured one raised a gun, she lashed out
with her leg, and snapped his neck with a well aimed kick.
**real life**
Looking down at what she'd done, the three dogs lay dead at her
feet. She looked down at her hands, and the knives now covered in
blood. She felt a rush of adrenaline, before her mind flashed back
to the past again...
"Ahh.. I've been expecting you..." said a young woman, holding a
pistol in each hand. Rosettes knives wouldn't have made much use of
themselves here. "I've ruined your family, and you come for
revenge, without even a gun? how pathetic..." she said, with a true
evil twang to her voice, Cerebrum would've been proud.
The young woman raised a gun towards Rosette, and pulled a trigger.
The next thing she knew, she opened her eyes, and looked up at the
roof of a hospital, a scar from a bullet wound in her side.
****real life again.. last time, i promise!***
Rosette lifted her top, and looked down at the scar... still there
after this last year and a half... What was her name? she asked
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