Bit tired

Who: Mk.10, Seymour, Jenny, Alota (Baby Alota. No time travel today.)Where: First to guess wins a prize of my foot up an orifice.When: Similar deal to above.Mk.10 staggered out of an express elevator and into the promenade blearily, still clutching his railgun. Having spent most of his power supply on the last few day's happenings, and only having enough time to reload his gun, he was in power conservation mode - the steady trickle of power through his system having the exact same effects as severe sleep deprivation on a regular person. Two marauding dog-GELF threw themselves towards him, before falling on the floor screaming in pain having been casually shot through the knees.Seymour, hearing the shots, turned and jogged towards Mk.10."Bluh?" was all Mk.10 could manage."I need your help! Alota and Jenny are trapped in Mothercare by these crazy GELF."Mk.10 started to use a bit more power in his cognitive circuits to at least form coherent speech."Ok. First: What? Second: Why? And third:...well, I forgot, but anyway...""Are you trying to tell me you didn't notice the nasty looking dog-men running rampant?""Not really.""But you shot two of them!""So?"Seymour stood there for a while helplessly opening and closing his mouth trying to think of something to say, before an explosion reminded him of what he was doing."Look, just help me get to Jenny.""Ok, ok. Heh, we tried to kill you.""What?!""Oh, uh, I mean SHE. SHE tried to kill you.""Yes. Now can we move?"Seymour got behind Mk.10, who slowly sauntered towards the store where Jenny was being held. Seymour gave him a few nudges with his foot to try and hurry him along, but to no avail.The store was more or less empty, save for a few whimpers towards the rear of the store. Seymour scanned the area and spotted Jenny curled up with Alota, surrounded by a group of advancing GELF."SEYMOUR!" screamed Jenny, not so much to call him to her aid, but rather to give the GELF a new target."Get the hell away from her you animals!" called Seymour, trying to sound manly.By that point, he had their undivided attention, and they were starting towards him."Uh...Mk.10? A little supporting fire here?""Mmm? Oh, uh, 'ang on."Mk.10 slugishly started firing, hitting the GELF mostly in the chest."Aw, bugger." said Mk.10, drooping slightly."What?!""I don't have enough power left for my targeting system. I might hit JMC personnel.""That didn't stop you before!""Hey, that's below the belt."Seymour, in a fit of panic, managed to do something useful. Just as Mk.10 started coming down the aisle, he ran over and pushed the massive rack over, crushing the remaining GELF in a torrent of metal and 50-packs of nappies."Good job, ya ponce. Now can you please take me over to Parrotts. Gonna go plug into a main in a nice dark corner. Bring the woman, it's my shout."<tag anyone who needs some extra support>

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