Who: Shakespeare, Jayne
Where: The Torture Area
When: After Rosette was led away
"But whats't dost thou wants't with me?"
"Oh dear why do I always start with the simple ones?" She said. "I
might as well just kill you now."
"Cowards die many times before their deaths, The valiant never taste
of death but once!" he said wincing as a gelf handed Jayne a powerdrill.
Shakespeare stared at the long and glinting end of the power drill.
He felt his stomach lurch as Jayne applied pressure to the drill and
caused it to whirr menacingly in front of his eyes.
"Interesting thing about these drills, they bore, but they don't kill.
You could have a couple of dozen holes carved into you, but you
wouldn't die. I'd need to perforate you fully for hours before you'd
bleed to death."
Shakespeare winced inside, but resolved to show a brave face.
"I fie thee. Doest thy worse."
Jayne raised an eyebrow, impressed. "I aim to," she said, smiling.
She placed the tip of the drill on Shakespeare's shoulder and looked
at his eyes. They were intense and wide, obviously trying to hide his
fear. She felt a sense of glee and pressed the button, drilling into
Shakespeare's shoulder. He tried his best to hold back a scream but
the pain seared throughout his body and caused his vocals to sound
around the room.
"This isn't at all close to my worst," said Jayne.
Shakespeare sagged a little, trying to block away the throbbing of the
fresh new hole in his arm. He breathed in quickly and looked up at Jayne.
"My'st steel ist tougher than thou hath thought," he stated, glaring
and trying to control his laboured breaths.
"Are you going to be a little more helpful to me? Are you going to
tell me the password to the encryption?"
"I know not thy password'st. Myne is not a job oth security. I be'st
a doctor, nowt moreover."
Jayne smiled. "We'll see how long you keep that stance."
She put the drill on his body again, the bloody and flesh covered
metal piece now against his thigh. He knew the pain that was about to
come and he held back the urge to blackout. He had to be strong and
The drill whirred and Shakespeare roared, all to the enjoyment of Jayne.

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