Re: The Tesco\'s Chain Store Massacre.

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Jay raised his fists, ready to fight, before realising that it was
"Jesus...." he said, panting, trying to get his breath
.."you....couldn't....have...shown up...sooner?"
" seem to have handled it pretty nicely...."
Jay collapsed at Dante's feet, exhausted, Dante stepped over Jay,
him lying on his back amongst the newspaper and magazine section of
supermarket. Overhead, on the store tannoy a voice was heard. "Clean
aisle five! Maureen, we seem to have Geln entrails on the
floor...some kid
must have knocked it off the shelf..."
Who: Dante, 5 crack security guards
Where: Tesco's
When: During the first rebellion
Dantes team had left JJB and was now patrolling into Tesco's. "Alpha
Bravo teams fall in." Dante was happy he was back in command of a
small so called 'crack' security team, and in his element.
Dante prowled along his rank of men. "Men we have been designated a
AOR (Area Of Responsiblity). Our mission is to sweep and destroy all
members of rebel gelf faction that offer up resistance. In order to
protect the innocents, non military personnel and workers aboard the
dwarf. To that end we will be adopting a zero....." Dante's mission
brief was cut short as a golf ball flew 2 inches above the berets of
his crack team. Not one flinched. The corporal on the end of the rank
raised one hand and caught the ball and in one swift movement sent it
flying back the way it came smashing a gelf right in the his eye
socket sending him crashing to the floor mid sprint.
"Snap to it lads CQC or weapons you choose." The 5 soldiers sprang to
attention then turned smartly to the right before spliting in every
Dante began to survey the store. Gelf's where clambering over the
stock and heading for the team at the checkouts. 2 of the soldiers
where engaged in hand to hand combat at aisle 3 with half a dozen
gelf's, 4 while 2 where crouched behind checkout 8 firing magazine
after magazine into the approaching rebel force tearing down the
confecionary aisle armed to the teeth with chewy teeth, strawberry
shoelaces, fizzy cola bottles and sherbet dips.
"Radio!" Dante was stood at customer services firing his pistol at
the few gelf that made it through. "Radio!" He barked again, the
radio operator was crouched behind the till chatting calmly and
letting of the occassional giggle into the radio, "So what are you
wearing? Really! Me, I'm dressed up in my security uniform, So what
are you doing now? What right now? You dirty ...." Dante ripped the
radio headset from the Lance Corporal and tore his rank slide off.
"PRIVATE Williams will call you back! Your doing what?! Erm really?
Well," The recently demoted Private Williams looked at his superior
with confusion. Dante returned the rank slide, "Give me 5
minutes..... Its been a year!!"
<5&1/2 Minutes later>
"Yes, Sir will do!" Dante zipped up his flies, and returned the radio
handset to its operator the recently demoted then promoted LCpl
"Right every body push through the store, we have to report upstairs
there are reports of Gelfs making it through and attacking civillans."
There was a loud low distant rumble, the stock on the shelves in
aisle 6 shock and fell to the floor. "Splillage in ailse 6." The PA
system crackedled to life, "Hey what?, NO, GET OUT NO OUT HELP." The
manager was obviously was under attack. The rumble got louder. A very
large gelf rounded into aisle 6 and charged towards Dante, The
recently demoted/promoted LCpl Williams throw a fliying scissor kick
at the gelf. He was quickly punched to the floor in an effortless
movement. The gelf dipped his head and shouldrs preparing to rugby
tackle the 7ft security officer. The large frame of Dante braced and
adopted a kung fu stance. Dante's eyes where closed his heart was
steady, one hand out in front at wasit high and the other clenched at
his side.
The gelf roared and prepared for the final approach. It looked like
Dante was ready to take a full on tackle when at the last second
Dante swept one leg round turning his body through 90 degrees,
pushing the gelf with his front hand using the assailants energy to
propel him onwards and following through with a kidney punch from the
trailing right hand.
The Gelf roared again. Dante's eyes where now open, the gelf turned
ready for a second attack, Dante braced, hands behind his back
cocking the pistol he had pulled from his holster. The beast charged
Dante's arms came round and he aimed double handed at the monster
truck charging towards him, Dante waited and waited. Again seconds
before impact he reacted leaping to the air with lightening speed. He
landed one footed on the gelfs head pushing as he did so. Dante span
through 180 degs fliping through the air. One shot rang out and a 9mm
shell landed at the feet of the security officer as he landed
crouched on the floor. The beast stumbled twice the fell to the
floor. Its blood staining the immaculate floor of the supermarket.
"Clean up at customer services.... Ahhhhh, get your flithy gelf hands
off me."
"Alpha, Bravo upsairs sort him out report back here when you have
done." Dante wiped a splatter of Gelf blood from his lips as he
issued the order. "I'll hold it down here."
"I'm back!" Dante smeirked as his team left.
Dantes radio crackled into live, "Hello 10B, this is 0A. Sir, I have
your next objective for you."
"10B send over."
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