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Hands!" Dante ordered his deep booming voice
drilling through Bob's ears. His hands shot, while shaking out in
front of his body. They were quickly bond, Bob found himself in the
back of cell 4 again. "Now stay there," Dante started to turn
round, "The one criminal I hate more than rapists is......" It all
went a bit dark after that as Dante hit the floor with a loud thud,
the last thing he remebered seeing was Jay being out numbered 4 to 1
and Bob trying to crawl past him hands bond in front.
<end snip>
"Dante!!" Jay yelled, between being shoved around by the GELF's. Adrenaline
kicking in, Jay clasped his hands together and swung them up fast,
double-uppercutting one of his aggressors, sending it crashing into the bunk
of a nearby cell. He kicked out at another, catching it square in the jaw,
then found himself set upon by the other two. One grabbed around his neck
from behind, the other grabbed his legs, rendering Jay almost completley
immobile, with the exception of his hands. With his left hand he reached out
and grabbed his combat knife from his hip and thrust is upwards into the
neck of the GELF holding his upper body. It stumbled back, spraying blood
all over the prison wing, and Jay fell back to the floor.
He cursed as he realised he was now possibly more vulnerable than before, as
the Gelf who had grabbed him by the legs started to run, dragging Jay along
with him. It dragged Jay past Dante's unconcious form, and as he was pulled
along Jay managed to get one hand around the strap of Dante's gun and pull
it toward him. He tried to fire a shot, but it was all out of ammo, so
instead he hurled the gun at the head of his attacker. The weapon bounced
sharply off the Gelf's skull, knocking it off it;'s feet and forcing it to
let go of Jay, who quickly clambered to his feet.
The cat regained it's bearing and dived at Jay, who, moving quickly dived
aside, the Gelf sailed past him and into Bob's cell. Jay dived at the
control panel on the wall, erecting the forcefield and sealing the cat
Jay moved back to where Dante lay, and placing his hands under the giant
man's arms he began to slowly drag him out, his feet sliding across the
floor a while before the bulk of alien began to move, with a view to taking
him to the medi-bay.
Jay turned a corner, out of the area of the security offices were the
holding cells were, and into the main reception area. He stopped for a
second, lowered Dante to the floor and wipe sweat from his brow, looking
around for a phone, or radio seeing as how his own were confiscated when he
was arrested.
anything to call the medibay for help to move Dante.
He heard movement. Looking around he saw noone, and went back to looking.
Hearing something again he looked up, this time he noticed that the vending
machine, that had stood in the corner of the room seconds before was now
He heard another noise, behind him this time, whirling around he saw the
vending machine. "What the hell?" he muttered, inspecting it casually.
Without warning, the shell of the machine cracked open, panels folded in on
each other, parts separated and others linked together as the vending
machine folded in on itself. Seconds later the machine was gone, and in it's
place stood a mechanical being.
A radio transmitter on it's arm crackled and a voice came through, female,
somewhat familiar. "Bring them in, Claude! Both of them!"
"AFFIRMATIVE" boomed the robot...evidently called "Claude".
the walls of the security department, "DO NOT RESIST!"
Claude then swung an arm back, and brought it down on Jay.
Then it was black.
"I'm sorry Claude had to be so rough with you" came a woman's voice,
supplemented by the sound of her footsteps as her heels clacked on the metal
Jay groggily looked up, coming round slowly, his eyes wern't yet accustomed
to the light. He tried to move his hands. no use, they were tied behind his
back, his feet were similarly bound to the chair legs.
"Where are you?" replied the woman "Still on Blue Dwarf, don't worry, you're
in the cargo bays."
Jay said nothing, just lolled his head around, trying to shake off the
nausea that was overwhelming him, that robot, Claude, had really knocked him
for six.
"Don't worry about your friend either, Dante, was it? He'll be perfectly
safe os long as you cooperate with me."
"Who am I?" the woman finished Jay's sentence for him. "I'm the leader of
the Bloodhound Gang, they're a ragtag bunch of GELF's, Aliens and mechanoids
I know, but hell, they're good at what they do."
"but why do I seem so familiar?"
Jay was getting the right hump. He couldn't ye see properly, it didn't help
as she was shining a big f'in light in his eyes, and here's this woman
finishing allhis senteces for him, as though she knew exactly what he was
"Because, we've met before." she switched off the light, allowing Jay to see
her more clearly, he instantly recognised her.
"BUT..but you're DEAD!"
<to be continued - don't rescue Jay, oh and theres only one of 'Claude'!>

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