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His profile:
Character Name: Andy Roos
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Nationality: Australian
Department: civilian
Job Title: Cleaner (only qualification)
Player/NPC? active
Physical Appearance
Barely pushing 6 foot, Andy hardly stands out of the crowd. Be it
literally or figuratively. Moderately handsome yet strong features
highlight a life of miscellaneous labor. Topped off by a head of
light brown hair that has all the charm of a rabid flesh-eating sheep
and like one is only occasionally tackled down and shaven.
Complete lack of ability to sense hot or cold due to faulty cryo-
Personality and Interests
Despite drawing an amazingly fine line between lower-class and
homeless, Andy maintains an optimistic albeit quiet personality.
Polite, benevolent and possessed of a snarky sense of humor. Andy
tries his best to duck and cover in most situations upon Blue Dwarf,
but isn't afraid to crack heads with his broomstick if directly
Andy is a man of few talents and even fewer interests. He's ambled
through life without ambition and even less thought for the future.
His primary hobbies in life is staying alive and has few qualms about
stealing to eat.
'What do you want to do when you grow up?'
Andy drew a blank.
That was his life in a nutshell.
Born year 2054, Andy Roos was an Australian man who had nothing going
for him besides what he could do with his hands. He had no
aspirations, no qualifications, simply shooting the breeze as it were
day-in day-out for the past 23 years.
It wasn't that he didn't have any dreams, he had one. He wanted a
family. Fat chance of that.
So he settled for the next best thing- Staying alive.
Sarcastic wit complied with a kind personality propelled him nowhere
through life.
That all changed when a crack-pot scientist offered a million
dollarpounds as a test-subject for ultra experimental cryo-storage
technology. Despite the agonizing choice between cleaning storage and
making history, he decided that the freezie-bin was the way to go.
They goofed.
Despite flash-freezing his body to perfection they realized that in
their zealousness they had forgotten to find a way to get him out
without killing him.
It only a few years later that the stasis booth was invented and he
was practically abandoned. For decades Andy Roos was known as test
subject Zero. Part pet-project, part hand-me-down, Andy was given to
scientist to scientist in hopes that eventually Andy would one day
live again.
Shipped from earth to mars, then to Jupiter then to Saturn, more and
more eccentric scientists got their hands on the free test subject.
Each one managed to find a certain way to thaw him out, each one had
a fundamental flaw. Some thought that paralysis was cool, so what if
you couldn't move- you're alive right? Others thought that impotence
was a decent trade-off.
Then, the tragic thing happened. One baffled scientist decided that
it was time to send Andy to the next one down the chain but found
himself under funded. So he put him on the lowest bidder.
Red Dwarf.
What he didn't know was that the 'representative' from the Dwarf was
hardly official.
Stuffed safely away in the neigh-invincible container. Andy was safe
from the explosion and completely untouched. In the many years after
the deaths of the entire crew (-1), Holly was wasting away the time
by counting the boxes in the cargo deck. He found a miscount. One
extra, unaccounted for box. So he did the most reasonable thing
He jettisoned it.
Floating through space for years, the large steel box had only
recently become strayed upon by another large mining ship...
Retrieved and forceability unfrozen by the crew. The poor-conditions
of the unfreezing burnt his temperature receptors in his skin to
nothing. It was quickly apparent that Andy had no idea was a Red
Dwarf was, let alone a mining ship. Without being able to go home
they decided to put him to work for the only job he had
qualifications for.
Cleaning toilets.
Favourite Sayings
(Catch phrase) "...Is it hot or cold?"
"Bloody hell!"
"...Right then."

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