FlashBacks and nightmares

> Jay was getting the right hump. He couldn't yet see properly, it
didn't help
> as she was shining a big f'in light in his eyes, and here's this
woman finishing all his sentences for him, as though she knew exactly
what he was thinking.
> "Because, we've met before." she switched off the light,
allowing Jay to see
> her more clearly, he instantly recognised her.
> "Bingo"
> "BUT..but you're DEAD!"
<End Clip>
Who: Dante, and maybe some others
Where: I don't Know
When: During Jay's Interrogation.
<FLASHBACK - Morgonia (Dante's home world) 187 earth yrs ago. During
the first retaliation battle on the invaders.>
Dante sat exhausted, panting, sweating, back up against the
side of a trench, slumped on the floor. His right leg bent at
the knee arm resting on top. A dirty cigarette hanging from
his mouth. Dante took a drag from his fag. As he removed the
but from his lips, he wiped a splash of his own dried blood from
the crease of his mouth. That blood was the result of an earlier
scuffle with one of the enemy. Strange how even now only a few hours
after he still could not see his face, it seemed all blurred in his
memory. Dante looked at the back of his hand. He let out a small laugh
come sigh, the dried blood on his hand from his mouth had broken up and
combined with the rest of the dried blood and mud. It now looked like a
weird face on his hand, a face that was some how familiar, its nose did
not seem quite right. An artillery round whistled over his head and
landed approximately 200m away. It exploded on impact, sending two
soldiers flying into the air. Dante did not flinch, but a single tear
rolled down his filthy cheek, cleaning his tanned skin as it ran down
the crease in his face. The emotion in Dante's face still did not
change his stern stare still remained and he gazed over the various
sides of the battle field. Death, Destruction, and Despair where all
around him. "Dante!" said Death, "Death Squad is ready for the final
"Very well, tell Destruction and Despair that we will commence the
final attack at noon tomorrow."
"Noon Dante? Isn't that a bit late. I mean won't the enemy be expecting
us?" Destruction and Despair had just arrived from their respective
"Exactly, what's the point of a battle if it is over to quickly?"
"Well said Dante!"
"Excellent a decent battle."
"That's just poetry!" a small tear escaped Despairs left eye. None of
his colleagues reacted Despair was always crying, it comes with the
name. Death, Destruction and Despair saluted Dante, who returned the
compliment. Dante turned to return to his musing. A second artillery
round landed this time quite a lot closer and closer than Dante
thought. Again he did not flinch with the explosion. But his eyes did
well up and his throat went all tight as the smell hit him. The smell
of burning flesh, the smell of singed clothes, the smell of cordite,
the smell of Death. The smell of Death Destruction and Despair burnt
alive and singed.
Dante was bond hand and foot to a steel chair, in a steel room. His now
much older frame was slightly battered and again dirty. A single lamp
above the slumped unconscious form of the ex-colonel was the only
source of illumination.
Dante's head rolled, he lifted it up, trying to straighten it
but the pain was severe. His eyes had still not opened when he finally
clicked his neck back into shape. `That's gonna hurt in the morning!'
Dante thought. "In the morning that looks like it bloody hurts now
"Death, Death is that you?" Dante's eyes were now open and straining to
see past the circle of light around him. It was no good. The light was
penetrating and the dark was very dark. "Death? Death is DEAD, Don't
you remember?" The voice was now behind him. "Who is that? Show
yourself!" Dante growled as he strained against the bindings on his
wrists. He did not want to raise his voice, the fact that he was bond
to a steel chair bolted to the floor, unable to move and unable to see
further than 5ft in front of him and left and right, with a unseen
possible hostile person prowling round in front of him. "I think it
would be a good idea not to raise your voice Dante, we don't want to
alert the guard, he left such a bruise on your neck last time, those
vending machines can be nasty good thing there is only one. But don't
worry I'm not hostile Dante, I'm just in your head!"
"No. No not again. Leave me alone!"
"Ok suit yourself. But I'm warning you, you won't make it out of here
with out me."
"JUST GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" Dante roared, his voice filled the room and
echoed down the abyss that seemed to be this holding room.
"Fine BYE!" Dante's head seemed quite, the room seemed quite, no voices
no noise. Dante's head suddenly felt very empty and light then full and
drowsy. He passed out again.

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