FlashBacks and nightmares pt 2

> "JUST GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" Dante roared, his voice filled the room
> echoed down the abyss that seemed to be this holding room.
> "Fine BYE!" Dante's head seemed quite, the room seemed quite, no
> no noise. Dante's head suddenly felt very empty and light then full
> drowsy. He passed out again.
<end Clip>
<FLASHBACK 2 – Wii City, Morgonia, Dante's childhood>
Dante was young he sat playing with his soldiers. He was
happy, his parents were there, this was the last time Dante would see
his parents but he did not know it yet. His mother was stood ironing
her freshly washed clothes, his father sat in his arm chair after a
hard day at the office, smoking a pipe and reading the newspaper. The
front page story was of the latest snap assaults on high profile
families. Recently an alien ship had crash landed on their planet,
since then the "invaders" (as they were dubbed), had mounted several
attacks on the local people. The newspaper spoke of impending war
against the aliens. Dante's father stood and put the paper down
mumbling something about lazy governments and they wouldn't get away
with it in my day. He moved away from his chair heading for the
toilet, (he had a weak bladder bless him). On route he accidentally
kicked Dante's Action Man™ Assault Mobile. It rolled though the front
room and into the master bed room, and under the bed. Dante's father
mumbled again under his breath, this time something about not knowing
that they were born. "Oh no Captain the evil doctor has sent our
vessel flying into his lair. Lets go and get it then Spike." Dante
mimed the movements of his soldiers and then leopard crawled after
his beloved car. He crawled under the bed to find his car.
There was a loud bang and the front door was kicked in. The
sound of many heavy booted feet filled the large apartment. Dante
could hear his mother scream and his father arguing with someone.
Dante poked his head out from under the bed. He saw his mother
dragged out backwards thorough the front doorway and over the door.
Dante turned to scan the room and came face to boot with one of the
assailants. Again in this storyline it all went dark for Dante.
<NOW – I hope.>
Dante looked around. His neck was still sore, but he felt
different, more awake. The room seemed different too. It was the same
room, the same chair and the same light. But this time it was
different. A single moth fluttered around the light, head butting the
glass. Dante wondered why the moth did this, it was always something
that troubled him. He had heard that the moth did this because it
wanted to get to the darkest spot which was behind the light source.
But how did the moth know that. Did one moth one day smash through
the glass and break the element turning off the light but in doing so
electrocute him and die. And now every moth was seeking its revenge
or maybe aiming for the same fate, maybe they thought that this was
the only path to the moth afterlife.
But this was different from earlier, had that been a dream or
had Dante's other personality actually come back. Colonel was Dante's
dark side. When Dante had been taken by the men dressed in black that
had abducted him and his family, he had been placed in a military
academy were is personality had been crushed and the killer that lies
at some level in every one had been released. Through the 50 yrs that
Dante spend alone with Charlie on the escape pod floating through
space he had learned to control that side of him until needed. Now
Colonel randomly popped up here and there. Charlie and NSD had
managed to subdue Colonel last time and believed that that was that.
Dante looked round the room again, or was it for the first
time. Behind the circle of light a door opened and a shadow stood
there, in the doorway. Dante was good at recognition but this frame
was different, it was familiar in an unfamiliar way. Then again he
had been in the sewers for nearly 2 yrs. The shadow disappeared with
the closing of the door. The sound of heeled feet circled Dante
before stopping just outside the circle. Dante could just make out
some shapely legs, Amber maybe, Mmmm, Tara, Mmmmm.
"Who is it? Am I dreaming again or is this a dream and the last one
real? WHATS GOING ON?....... Tell me PLEASE!"
For the first time in ages Dante was slightly desperate. A single
tear rolled down his face following the much older creases in his
face and then curving under his day old stubble chin and dropping on
to his armour. Leaving a clean line down his cheek and a clean puddle
shape on his chest piece.
The answer didn't come, just silence.
"WHO ARE YOU?" The giant was worried for once in many years. Maybe it
was too much for a man to have so many emotional memories in one day
or maybe he was drugged.
DONE TO MR CHRYSLER? ANSWER ME!" The fear had now gone from his voice
and Dante was now very angry, he suddenly realised that since he had
awoken he had not tried to move his legs. He tried now. No movement.
Dante got very angry and tried to rip himself clear of the seat but
failed. He slumped back into the chair.
"What is going on? Who are you? Where is Jay? What do you want with
me?" Dante had now calmed down, he had a good head on his shoulders
and realised he was getting nowhere fast.
"Jay was not very helpful maybe you will!" Jayne Chrysler walked into
the light.
"Who the hell are you?" Jayne huffed as Dante screwed up his nose and
looked all confused at the strange women in front of him. "Sorry love
do I know you?" he asked.

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