Family crisis

Who:- Vanessa Chrysler
Where:- Corridors
Vanessa felt sick.
She looked the item in her pocket once more, just to be sure, and was less
than reassured by what it told her. She felt her throat kick up some past of
her breakfast, but managed to hold it back.
A fortnight had passed since the attack on the promenade had begun. Areas of
the ship were still under fire, and the promenade still in a complete
Sure, security were holding out well, especially considering nothing had
been heard of Major Harris in days, not since he went to defend engineering.
Jay, had been arrested for something he blatantly hadn't done last week as
well, and had presumably now been let go as he'd not contacted her to notify
their parents or anything.
It almost made her problem seem insignificant. Almost.
She trudged into the medi-bay/ Keto's quarters. Doctor Keto saw her enter
and immediatley looked away, pretending to examine an interesting piece of
They'd been avoiding each other since the...unpleasantness, that had occured
between them two weeks ago. She'd have been happy if she'd never seen him
again, that way noone would have to find out. She'd changed her shifts - not
that she'd really needed to as Keto hadn't been scheduling her to work at
the same time as him. This had resulted with Vanessa being lumbered with all
the night shifts, but she really didn't care. It wasn't as though she could
enjoy her evenings at the moment.
It couldn't go on any longer though. She'd come here for a reason, although
it was her day off, she couldn't put it off anymore, she had to talk to
Doctor Keto.
"Sir...I need to speak with you...could into your office..."
Keto seemed to ignore her.
Keto realised everyone was staring at him, he had to respond, so as not to
raise suspicions.
"Erm..hello..nurse...what are you doing here? you're not due to work a shift
anytime I'm, I"
"I need to speak to you. Privately."
"Whatever for?" he hissed, then whispered "I think we did enough *private
talking* two weeks ago, don't you?"
"More than enough for my liking, Xavier, but there have been
"What do you mean?"
"When" she could barely bring herself to say it
"slept...together..we didn't y'know"
"Didn't use know!"
"Not following you."
Keto's faced curled into a frown. He had little tolerance this woman as it
was, given her family tree, what with her annoying moron of a brother and
all. But did she just...SNAP at him? AT HIM?
It was only a few seconds however, before his fury had time to take control
and unleash a torretn of abuse that something clicked inside his head. Like
a lightbulb.
His eye's widened, his face fell, and he dropped the ointment he held in his
left hand, that he was just about prescribed to a patient. The glass
container shattered and the ointment began to eat slowly through Keto's
"Are you...certain?"
"I'm a nurse doc, I know how to read one of these." She pulled the item out
of her pocket. It was a used, home pregnancy kit. It read positive.
"Rufus and I have always taken precautions." she said. "You're going to be a
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