*Action* - "Anyone fancy an apperatif?"

Who: Chris Harris, Callum Kochanski and Jesse Carter
Where: Engineering, next to the Wormhole Drive
When: Just after Jesse slid in
Kochanski and Harris watched as Jesse slid in, she fired so wildly
that she hit a number of gelfs. A few bullets also bounced off the
Wormhole Drive above Harris' head. He ducked. "Hey watch it!" he said.
Despite Jesse's shooting, there were still plenty of gelfs left. But
the arrival of the crazy haired woman was just the distraction Harris
and Kochanski needed. CK grabbed the nearest gelf who was previously
pointing a laser pistol at his head and grabbed his arm, twisting it
around his back. Harris wasted no time and stepped forward, bringing
his fist around and punching the canine gelf squarely on the snout. It
fell unconscious.
Jesse stood up and continued shooting. The exterior door to the room
was partially closed, but many Gelf on the other side fired their guns
inside. There was no escape. Harris reached for the gun the canine had
dropped, but laser blasts ricocheted around it, he withdrew his hand
Harris and CK looked at each other, in a split second they knew what
each other was thinking. They couldn't win this battle. "We need to
come back with more men." Harris said, and looked up towards a vent in
the wall just to the left of the Wormhole Drive.
Harris scrambled into the vent, turning around to help CK follow him.
Once inside Harris took out his walkie-talkie.
"Captain Calvert? The gelf have taken control of the wormhole drive."
Who: Captain Calvert
Where: Drive Room
When: Just after
Jed had always seen himself as a man of action. He'd always thought
"If you want something doing right, do it yourself." although this did
conflict directly with his other favourite saying, "Why bother doing
something when you can force someone to do it at gunpoint?".
He took a team of five security officers and headed towards the
Engineering deck. He didn't get very far when they were stopped by a
team of five gelf and their leader coming the other way. It was a
mexican standoff.
The obedient security officers asked of they could shoot, but the
leader of this small gelf patroll looked like he wanted to talk. Jed
hated talking. He much preferred communicating with weapons.
"Captain Jed. We are in control of your Wormhole Drive, which means we
can make this ship go anywhere we want."
Jed snarled. He was angry because they were right. The gelf could open
up a wormhole to anywhere, into a fleet of enemy ships, or even into
the centre of a sun.
"Do yer worst pardners, ah couldn't live with myself if ah handed this
ship over to you."
The gelf lowered his gun so it was pointing at Jed's crotch.
"Could you live without your penis?"
Jed calmly addressed the security officers behind him. "Put yer guns
down boys, they're threatening the most important thing on the ship."
Who: Jayne
Where: Cargo deck
When: Same time
Jayne put a fist up against a wall to steady herself. Her job was to
torture Dante and Jay, but it was taking it's toll on her. It made her
feel physically sick, but she knew she had to keep on going.
Her phone rang. "Hello?" She asked.
The voice on the other end was deep but slimy, they spoke with a
slight slobbering as if they were currently eating something
disgusting and drooling as they did so.
"Have you got the information?" He asked.
"Not yet. But I have the right man. It's only a matter of time now."
"Well hurry up. I'm hungry! Bring the ship to me so I can have a quick
snack while I wait. Can you do that?"
"Yes, we've just taken over their Wormhole Drive. What do you mean,
"Never mind." said the voice. "Just bring the ship here."
Jayne hung up and gave the order to some gelf, who nodded and went
down to Engineering.
Bolts of electricity ran down the side of the Blue Dwarf, polarising
the ship's forward ramscoops. The electricity bounced off it playfully
and kneaded space into forming a swirling blue wormhole. The Blue
Dwarf was sucked through.
As it exited the wormhole, it slid calmly into a new area of space.
Only the gelfs that had engaged the wormhole drive knew where they were.
The only landmark was a yellowish brown planet. Which launched several
brown spaceships towards them.
Who: Efof and Ingen Karpov
Where: The Mollopod mothership
When: Same time
Between each door of the hangar there were tall, slim observation
windows - reinforced, and Ingen could see the thick shutters just
waiting to close the moment the window broke. But the scene he could
see through the window caught his attention more than those shutters.
Outside, as he approached the window to look out over Efof's shoulder,
he could see colours other than black - green, red, a sky a strange
shade of auburn...
The Mollopod ship was landing.
<end snip>
Efof and Ingen fell about as the ship was shook and rocked around more
than a fairground ride. There was a loud thud, and the trembling
stopped. All around them, there was the sound of engines powering
down, and then deathly silent. In space you sometimes forget that
there is always the sound of engines, or machinery. But when those
sounds are gone, it sounds like the quietest quiet you have ever heard.
A door to their left hissed and opened automatically. Fresh air seeped
into the ship.
Efof breathed it, and coughed uncontrollably for 5 minutes. "That
stinks!" he said. "It smells like the public toilets on the Promenade!"
Ingen shrugged, having never been to this "promenade".
"It smells like cat farts mixed with dog breath." he said.
Efof tried to scrape his own tongue to remove the taste of the horrid
air. He was glad that his nose was down the front of his trousers.
A noise behind them alerted them to the approach of more Mollopods. "I
think people are getting off." Ingen said. They walked through the
door out onto the planet.
Despite the stench, the planet was actually quite nice. Large ornate
houses that looked like mansions lined the streets, some not far away
from each other, making the streets narrow and giving them an oldy
worldy feel, like a period drama Seymour had once forced Efof to
watch. The cobbled streets were covered in slime, obviously evidence
of hundreds of Mollopods slithering over them every day.
Ingen and Efof hid behind a street corner, looking around to make sure
no-one was coming. They looked back at the spaceship they had just
come from. It was the largest in a massive carpark of hundreds of
other spaceships. Despite being smaller, the other ships looked far
nicer than the one they had just come from, which Efof had once
described in his own mind as "looking like a big poo".
The other spaceships were less disturbing, but looked more like
restaurants than anything spaceworthy. It was only the massive
boosters on their four corners that showed they were capable of
launching into space. Efof pointed to different ones. "That looks like
a Chinese all-you-can-eat, that one looks like a curry house, that one
looks like a steak house..."
Ingen pulled him into an ally to avoid being seen by some Mollopods
coming off the ship.
The grand leader called the "Apophallationmaster" was being carried on
his throne through the streets, much to the delight of the local
residents who came out to cheer for him. He was fat and slimy, but the
locals loved him. He stopped to make a quick speech to his people. "Do
not fear, my hungry citizens. Soon we will have enough food to gorge
ourselves of for years!"
Ingen and Efof looked at each other worriedly, remembering the plans
they had found on the ship to invade Earth, and the cookbook for humans.
"So is that what those spaceships are for, big floating restaurants
serving humans to these fat slobbering monsters?" Ingen said angrily.
The Apophallationmaster continued his speech. "The harvest of Earth
will begin soon, but for now how about an apperatif?"
Ingen and Efof looked at each other curiously. When they peeked out of
the ally, they saw an open market square with several huge blenders.
In space, the Blue Dwarf hung motionless. Several brown spaceships
came closer and surrounded the large blue mining vessel. Each ship
launched a hundred small robotic drones the size of footballs.
The drones one by one teleported themselves inside various section of
the the Blue Dwarf.
The Mollopods were such a lazy race that they invented teleportation
technology before they invented sliced bread. This was because they
hated having to move, it distracted them from their favourite pastime
of eating.
The robotic drones looked like footballs with wings, and had a small
dart gun on the front. These hovering robots flew around the Blue
Dwarf firing darts at the crew. Once the crew had been "tagged" they
were then teleported down to the planet below.
Who: Chris Harris and Callum Kochanski
Where: Engineering, inside a vent
When: Same time
"Can you hear a buzzing?" asked Kochanski. Harris turned, and looked
further down the vent. It split into two other pipe systems, coming
down one of the pipes was a floating football.
"Move move move!" Said Harris, knowing that a robotic device coming
towards them can't be good. He pushed Kochanski down the other
pipeway, where he crawled as fast as he could.
Harris though wasn't quick enough, the robot fired a dar into his
backside. He yelled in surprise, then dissapeared. Kochanski turned
around, seeing nothing but the floating robot.
Who: Chris Harris, Dr Keto and Vanessa Chrysler
Where: Mollopod planet
When: Just after teleportation
It took Harris a few moments to realise what happened. He was
transported into a small glass room crammed with other people. There
must have been almost ten people in this small enclosed space. He
recognised Keto and Vanessa, who were looking tense and awkward.
"What's going on?" Said Harris.
Keto just pointed to the glass wall. Outside they could see several
more glass containers like the one they were in, in a busy marketplace
surrounded by cheering slug aliens. But these weren't just any glass
containers, they were huge blenders, all full of other crewmembers.
A fat slug pressed something on the blender furthest from them, and
the people dissapeared into a mush of red.
Harris looked away in disgust, and people near him started to scream.
<Tag anyone, how do we get out of this predicament?!>

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