A Blend Of Personalities

Who: Chris Harris, Dr Keto, Vanessa Chrysler and Unlucky Crew
Where: Mollopod planet
When: Just after teleportation
It took Harris a few moments to realise what happened. He was
transported into a small glass room crammed with other people. There
must have been almost ten people in this small enclosed space. He
recognised Keto and Vanessa, who were looking tense and awkward.
"What's going on?" Said Harris.
Keto just pointed to the glass wall. Outside they could see several
more glass containers like the one they were in, in a busy marketplace
surrounded by cheering slug aliens. But these weren't just any glass
containers, they were huge blenders, all full of other crewmembers.
A fat slug pressed something on the blender furthest from them, and
the people dissapeared into a mush of red.
Harris looked away in disgust, and people near him started to scream.
"Oh dear God, they're going to mince us!" shrieked one crewmember from
just behind Keto's left ear, causing him to flinch momentarily and
grit his teeth.
"A minor blessing, for some of us," he muttered, earning himself a
glare from Vanessa, "But not one that I really want to take advantage
of at this time. You're with security, aren't you?"
This last sentence was said with a shove to Chris Harris, who tried to
turn to face Keto but was held in position by the crush of people.
"Yes," he said simply, "I was just in engineering. The gelfs took
control of the wormhole drive and brought us here, then shot us with
those dart things - I'm guessing they teleported us into these...uh..."
"Liquidisers," said Keto calmly, managing to make a downwards gesture
with his eyebrows. Harris wasn't quite sure how Keto managed this,
but it had the desired effect - he looked down and saw what Keto was
indicating. The entire group of them were standing on a slightly
lowered portion of the blender floor, sharp blades sticking out at
slightly above ankle height.
"...smeg," murmured Harris. In the distance, there was another
horrific sound of screams cut short and a high-pitched whirring noise
as another blender claimed its victims.
"We would have to assume that more blades will slide out from the
edges of this contraption once it's turned on," said Keto, sounding
thoughtful, "Otherwise they'd end up with far too...chunky...a result.
I doubt that these creatures are much in favour of having to chew."
"How can you act so calmly!?" yelled another crewmember just behind
Keto's right ear, giving him a violent shove. Keto blinked, and then
frowned. The effect was somewhat wasted when he found he couldn't
actually turn around to deliver it, so he settled for frowning at the
side of Chris Harris's head.
"Because I have absolutely no intention of being here to check my
theory is correct," he growled. Then, with utter disregard for the
comfort of the people behind him, he drove his elbows backwards,
resulting in exclamations of pain and (most importantly) a small
amount of space. Before the unfortunate crewmembers behind him could
react he leaned backwards, freed his arms, grabbed the shoulders of
the people beside him and hauled himself upwards.
For a moment, Keto stood on top of the shoulders of the crew, swaying
Then, just as the angry couple that he had elbowed in the stomachs
reached up to grab his ankles, he reached up and grabbed the lid of
the blender, pulling his legs up out of reach.
Hanging there, he let out a faint sigh of relief.
"Keto! You can't just leave us like this!" shouted Harris, who had
managed (with the slight additional space available) to turn around,
"Help us!"
"Doctor Keto, don't..." began Vanessa, looking stunned.
Keto smiled. It wasn't a very nice smile.
"I believe the phrase is, 'Screw you Jack, I'm alright,'" he said, "Is
anybody here called Jack?"
There was a shocked silence from below.
"Pity," murmured Keto, "That would have worked so much better."
He reached up with his other hand and pushed the centre of the blender
It didn't move.
Keto blinked again, the smile fading.
"KETO!" shouted Harris furiously, as another blender switched on in
the distance. Keto tried forcing the lid open again. It still
wouldn't move. He stared at it for a second, then closed his eyes.
"...I wish to retract my earlier statement," he said, coughing. He
looked back down at the group of angry, now-somewhat-murderous faces,
"I believe that what I MEANT to say was: would somebody like a hand up
here so that we can all, and I stress all, escape this dire situation
in safety?"
He reached a hand down towards Harris, who glared at him.
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