Andy Roos - \"In the red\" pt2

Who: Andy, Seymour
Where: Mollopod planet, Slums
When: Year 2107, First blender activation +10 seconds
The beginnings of a riot had begun on the slug's streets and all
because of a single hitch; them. The civilians begun to screech in
fury as the humans simply refused to join the blood pool below. Their
pathetic little arms began to crash into the sides of the glass room,
the structure began squeak.
The two simply hung from the toilet cleaning instrument, between
moments of stark terror when they almost lost their grip they were
bored out of their minds.
"They seem to be… annoyed." Seymour stated dumbly as he swayed
slightly, his arms keeping him balanced. "… UGH! I don't believe
this!! Don't they know who I am?!" Said the Ambassador.
"Why? Is it because they're trying to eat us without trying even
attempts at negotiation?" Andy's left arm began to ache from the
constrain strain of holding up his torso's weight.
"No. It's because they're blending me in with the likes of YOU!"
More and more of the slugs began to bash against the sides of the
blender, futilely attempting to make the pair fall to their doom. The
Police slugs were now in force in an effort to have the two `come
down'; their words.
Then it finally began.
Guess the Slugs shouldn't have brought the `Crazy Clarks' variety of
human-blenders. A loud popping groan shot up through the giant glass
blender, which turned out to be not glass at all but rather hard
plastic. Seymour let out an uncertain noise as the wall slowly began
to recline backwards. Andy's body sighed as his feet were able to
shoulder more of the weight.
Then a noise with the power of a gun shot exploded and reverberated
through the small camber. The red mush that once covered the floor was
very slowly beginning to seep out of the cracks of the Blender.
And THAT really set off the crowd.
The slugs suddenly ignored the two humans and engorged themselves upon
the free food that pooled around them. Riot slugs began to run…err…
slide into the crowd; cracking heads left right and centre.
However, the high weight in the blender and the already significant
imbalance didn't bode well for the two hander-ons.
"We're-gonna-die!" Seymour slurred in terror as he gripped down on the
reclining wall, falling at an increasing rate of degrees every passing
Then a memory tickled the back of Andy's brain; it was with Holly on
his first day.
"Right dude, you've got your plunger, now for your most important
tool; Bio-spray." Holly's voice was the never-same tone as always.
"Bio-what?" Andy asked dumbly as he shifted in the unfamiliar Hazmat.
"Right, Bio-spray won't touch metal but it'll go through organic flesh
like Captain Calvert goes through alcohol. That bottle's spray port is
only a millimetre wide- any more and it'll melt through human skin in
milliseconds." Despite the danger Andy was quite calm. He was used to
hazardous materials.
"Now, you'll probably only need to refill that thing once a year. But
if you find that something extremely unshifting comes up- pop open the
spray top and stand clear. Could be a weapon to I suppose, like say if
you're trapped by a million flesh eating slugs in a giant blender or
something." Holly explained dully. "…Pardon?" Andy mumbled as his head
snapped up. "`Nothing." The AI replied.
"So… they want to eat us huh-?" The Cleaner garbled as he snapped back
to the present. His right hand pulled back to his belt. Seymour looked
down. "That sounded like `I've got a plan talk'; please tell me I'm
right. Please!"
Andy whipped out the Bio-spray and shoved the bottle's spray cap into
his teeth. Twisting with both his head and his hands he heard the loud
*snap* sound that warned the user that, if it didn't have a hazmat, it
was about to become sludge. Holding up the body of the spray
carefully, he spat out the cap and tilted the Bio-spray canister.
"-Then don't forget the special sauce…" Andy finished darkly as the
pink liquid flooded out of the flask.
Seymour looked down at the draining sludge-pool of red and noticed
that the dark liquid slowly became somewhat lighter. The pool suddenly
stopped becoming like mush and more like water as the flood gates
where opened upon the suspecting slugs.
The slug's cries of joy and engorgement slowly began to turn to cries
of pain and horror. Seymour's eyes widened as he beheld all the slugs
that managed to get into contact with the red wave disappeared into it
within seconds. A few, whether purposeful or not, managed to do an
excellent impress of the wicked witch of the west. The only things
that remained of their existence were the empty, red drenched clothing.
Seymour's view was disturbed form the increasing cracking noises from
the bottom of the blender. A loud grinding noise roared as the
blender's saws made contact with the warped base of the blender,
slicing it to pieces.
They where falling.
"Don't touch the liquid!!" Andy yelled as Seymour felt gravity pulled
out from under him like a carpet.
Seymour let out an echoing scream just before he felt his back slam
into the ground. A small silence ensued.
The Ambassador mutely stared at the awespiring number of floating
building that blocked out the sky. He felt movement just below him… or
was that in front? He didn't know anymore. "You okay?" Andy groaned as
he righted himself. Seymour's pathetically angered face rolled over to
him. "Okay, okay, dumb question."
Seymour's head rolled back as he heard a shifting of clothing. The
Cleaner had just rolled back the top half of his hazmat suit, a bare
chest underneath. "You can't walk through that out there. Some of the
acid may of gotten on my hands too, so tough break." Seymour's mind
whirled. "What… why don't you have a shirt underneath?" Andy rolled
his eyes, he felt like telling him the truth- he couldn't afford one
but he quickly lied that it was about his heat condition.
As Andy leaned down the Ambassador opened his mouth. "My previous
statement still stands. Tell anyone of this and I'll destroy you."
With Seymour, it wasn't a threat- it was a warning.
Who: Efof and Ingen Karpov
Where: Mollopod planet, Slums
When: First blender activation +80 seconds
"C'mon, we've got to find an armoury or something." Ingen growled,
holding his Winchester up to his shoulder as the hapless Efof tailed
close behind. Efof didn't like the sound of killing the slugs. He
didn't like the sound of killing anything actually, but he doubted
that moral barrier helped much in self-preservation.
Ingen noticed a strange number of slugs sliding away from a particular
direction. It was fear. The mercenary figured that whatever it was he
probably could use it against them. The prosect certainly beat the
idea of blindly running through streets. The old man grabbed one of
Efof's many arms and led him towards the direction of the slug's fear.
"We're we going?" The blue skinned alien let out as Ingen led him
without breaking stride. "Dunno, but it beats the current direction."
This happened to be `nowhere fast'.
Then they their heels dug into the ground to behold a scene of such
destruction and mayhem that it could be comparable to Russell Crowe
and Naomi Campbell getting into an epic phone-throwing deathmatch.
A huge market square stretched out in front of them and it was
completely saturated in a light red liquid. Clothing and clutter lay
upon the red-strained cobblestones haphazardly. Directly in the middle
of a market square was a small square shaped platform. Atop it a
multi-jawed horizontal saw remained still as black smoke rose up. Even
still this wasn't what caught their attention. It was the massive
top-heavy glass container that lay upon the square.
"What the dickens happened here?" Ingen whispered under his breath. A
spark of hope rose up in Efof. "Someone broke out of that blender!"
This news served only to make the old mercenary even grimmer. "This
means that there are more of them. This one was at least three times
even bigger than the ones back there…"
"Oh thank the Queen, a familiar face!!" A familiar regal voice shot
out from behind the two.
Ingen wheeled around and pointed the Winchester directly at the
Ambassador. Efof wheeled around and captured the Ambassador in a
backbreaking, four armed hug. Behind the Ambassador stood the
cross-armed and now fully clothed Andy, who glared uncertainly at the
blue-skinned alien. Perhaps committing mass genocide upon that many
aliens had an expectedly…therapeutic affect. Still didn't mean that he
was going to pretend that he was happy to see him.
"Who are these?" The merc asked uncertainly, his wrinkled but sharp
eyes flicking between them. Efof turned back to Ingen with a broad
grin while Seymour shoved the over-affectionate alien away. "Ingen,
they're from the Blue Dwarf! This is Seymour Niples- Ambassador to the
Queen and this is… ah…" "He's Andy, the dunny-jockey." Seymour stated
Ingen lowered his rifle and rubbed his eyes in frustration. Andy let
out a deep sigh before saying. "Yeah; you and me both mate."

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