Dr Smoothie

Who: Rosette, Dr Shakespeare
Where: Broken Shakespeare Area
When: After Rosette went to find him
"Who art thou?" he asked, opening his eyes a little easier than she
had earlier.
"Its me, rosette" she said, trying to help him up. "i came to find
<end snip>
"Praise thou! Praise thou!" He said, his eyes sporadically cutting
out on him and rendering the scene in a sort of strobe lighting
effect. Shakespeare was now ignoring all pain searing throughout
his body. He had achieved an almost zen like state of being and was
using the sharp pangs to propel him and move him about.
He was still uncertain as to whether this was a sign of bad things
on the horizon. He didn't have time to wonder any further as
Rosette had hoisted him upwards onto her side and was dragging him
away from his almost death spot. He thanked her again as she slowly
started her way towards the medibay.
This attempt, however, was cut short by the appearance of a strange
floating robot holding a small dart gun.
"What's th..." said Rosette as her sentence was ended by the firing
of the robot. The dart hit her square in the head and she vanished
before Shakespeare's eyes.
"Noweth, hangs't oneth thy seconds't!" He protested and fell to the
ground, a dart zipping above where his head was. He looked up from
the floor to see the robot menacingly hanging above him and he
winced as the second dart found it's target in his neck.
The world faded.
Who: Dr Shakespeare, Rosette, Wildflower, Others
Where: Mollopod Planet
When: Teleportation
Shakespeare blinked rapidly to find himself squashed up inside a
strange glass container. He shook his head and tried to move
himself into a more viewable position than 'under five pairs of
"Doc? Is that you?" a nearly familiar voice called down from up
"I am'st a doctor, yeseth." He replied, his face cramped up against
the back of someone's tennis shoe.
"It's Jenny!" The happy voice beamed.
"I'm here as well," said Rosette - Shakespeare instantly recognising
his saviour. "Wherever this is."
Shakespeare had been wondering that as well. By his calculations,
there were nine people cramped up in this strange container. It was
cylindrical and most disturbing of all (and easily viewable due to
his vantage point) he could see he was sitting upon a collection of
strange blades.
"Nobody stompeth ons't myeth personage! There'st art blades down
"Blades?" Asked Rosette. "Why are there blades?"
"Oh no," said Wildflower, her voice laden with dread. She was on
the top of the human pile and from her vantage point she could see
out into the rest of the area. There were hundreds of these
containers, each holding crew members and before she had time to
react she heard a whirring followed by blood curdling screams.
"What the hell was that?" asked Rosette as the crew around her began
panicking and screaming themselves.
"We're doomed, we're doomed," said Wildflower, terrified, as another
one of the containers turned into red slop.
<tag Rosette or anyone else who is with us!
Kudos to whomever created this horrific situation! it's so grisly,
it really creeps me out!>

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