Ingen Karpov - "A sticky mess"

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Who: Andy Roos, Seymour Niples, Efof Yuwan'Kar and Ingen Karpov.
Where: In the Mollopod market square
As they watched Mk10 and some miscellaneous skutters fight back the
crowd of slugs, it was Andy that spotted it first. He pointed to two
rather athletic slugs who had climbed their way up the front of the
Blue Midget and over the top towards the access hatch. The skutter
inside seemed to be unaware. Seymour watched in horror.
"Are you sure you don't want me to rescue your baby?" Ingen asked.
"Of course I do you great oaf!" Seymour snapped, unaware that his
snappy mood was not helping Ingen want to risk his life.
"Follow me." said Ingen, running in using his Winchester as a club,
then turning it around to shoot a slug's brains out.
<end snip>
Although this was the first company Ingen had had in weeks that
hadn't actually wanted to kill him, Ingen wasn't much enjoying it.
Get the hell away from his baby, save his baby... this Ambassador was
rather hard to agree with.
But at least Ingen had a way of venting his frustration now, clubbing
and blasting his way through slug creatures that folded easier than a
sponge against a rock. Mind you, a sponge that was holding a gun. But
it felt especially good each time a goopily bursting slug gave the
Ambassador another layer to wear.
Soon enough, Ingen had a momentary break in the onsurge of Mollopods.
He lifted his Winchester and, more out of luck than anything, shot
the higher up slug in the head. It peeled gently off the hull of the
Blue Midget like tape, toppled off and almost knocked its partner off
in the fall. Ingen was momentarily satisfied, but he shouldn't have
expected anything better than what came.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" roared Seymour, dropping the gun he'd just
pried off a Mollopod's corpse in shock.
Ingen shot a glare back at him, then crashed himself into the crowd
to begin venting his frustration again. "Saving - your - son!" he
barked between rifleshots.
"Well, you could have killed him!" came the Ambassador's reply.
"That slug WOULD have killed him!" Ingen turned to say, and his
momentary distraction was costly. He crumpled beneath the weight of a
tackling slug and, knowing he wouldn't begin to get this heavy, goopy
form off him fast enough, braced himself to see the light.
Instead, in fact, he saw no light for a moment - something blue
blocked out the sun overhead, and then a gun went off, and the slug
on top of him stopped fighting. He rolled out from under its now limp
body and stared down at his metallic rescuer. After a moment of
wondering whether there was any point to him doing so, he said,
gruffly, "Thanks."
Mk.10 quite surprised him by replying with "No problem!" then running
off back to the fray.
Seymour had been watching the small fiasco with
dissatisfaction. "Incompetent load of..." he began, just prior to
Ingen hastily shooting two Mollopods creeping up to him, left
unobserved by the presently busy Efof and Andy.
As they exploded and gave Seymour's back a fresh coat, Ingen said
innocently, "Sorry, I didn't quite catch that." Without waiting for a
reply, Ingen turned back into the crowd with a broad grin stretched
across his features.
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