Andy Roos - 'Kneedeep in Dregs'

Who: Andy, Ingen, Seymour, Efof, Mk 10, Skutters, Alota
Where: Mollopod planet, Blender square
when: First blender activation +25 minutes
Seymour had been watching the small fiasco with
dissatisfaction. "Incompetent load of..." he began, just prior to
Ingen hastily shooting two Mollopods creeping up to him, left
unobserved by the presently busy Efof and Andy. As they exploded and
gave Seymour's back a fresh coat, Ingen said innocently, "Sorry, I
didn't quite catch that." Without waiting for a reply, Ingen turned
back into the crowd with a broad grin stretched across his features.
Andy lungs exhaled with a shout as he slammed his club-like plunger
into the head of a slug. Goo and slime quickly splattered across his
face, chest and arms in response. The apparently expired slug was
quickly lost within the pulsating mob of aliens. "Bloody hell!! How
many of these bastards are there?!" The cleaner exclaimed before
striking once more with his makeshift weapon.
The squad of four consisted of this. Ingen was cutting a swathe
through the slugs, alternating between blowing them away with his
Winchester and beating them with the butt of the rifle. Efof was
taking up the left; his four arms varying between slapping, punching,
chopping and just generally holding off the tide of angry creatures.
Andy had the right, beating anything that got close. Finally Whereas
Seymour brought up the rear providing primarily erm…, moral support.
"Queen Elizabeth the first hits harder than you!!" The Ambassador
berated the cleaner angrily
"She's dead!" Andy responded as he attempted in vain to duck under the
rainstorm of slug slime. "Less talking, more killing!!" The Mercenary
shouted over the quarrelling duo as he blasted another slug through
the head.
Then a sharp, dreading click issued from the weapon. "OUT!" Ingen
echoed as his hands buried into his jacket for ammunition.
The Alien and the Xenophobe instantly swarmed near the man. "Andy!
Didn't manage to say how nice it was to see you again before!" Efof
greeted the cleaner in his ever-cheerful voice as his bottom left hand
dove into a slug's left eye, sending it howling. The Australian
clenched his teeth, did his best to completely ignore blue-skinned
creature and squelch the urge not to run into the mob screaming.
"FULL!" Andy and Efof instantly fell back at the Mercenary's word. The
Seymour didn't quite care for his lack of dramatic flare. Although he
wouldn't say it out loud, a part of him figured that is was made up
for by killing anything that came within 2 metres of him.
"We're almost there! Keep fighting!!" Ingen announced as a well-placed
shell caused a slug's head to violently combust. Andy was beginning to
suspect that he rubbed nitro-glycerine into his ammunition.
Ahead Andy beheld the sleek, black-coloured Skutter known as 042
letting lose with a jet of laser fire from the rather large gun
attached to its head. It wheeled at top speed away from the blenders
with what appeared to be a brown-haired female crew member What the
HELL where HIS Skutters doing here!?
Suddenly a slug next to him bellowed out in pain. Its clutched chest
expanded and depressed rapidly before, in a very alien-esque moment,
the schizophrenic head of 001 ejected from its torso. The robot's head
flicked slime left and right before the alien finally slammed into the
ground and taking the small servo-droid with it. "My workmates are
psychopaths…" Andy mumbled dumbly as he wrenched his left fist out a
slug's hypothalamus and his plunger out of another's eye.
Efof got the Blue midget first, but it was Seymour who had actually
set foot aboard first. By using the blue Alien's left shoulder `OW;
SEYMOUR!' and Andy's upper back `OI!!' as adequate stepping stones the
ambassador easily leaped up onto the ramp.
From there the rest of the motley crew dragged themselves aboard. The
ever-insane Skutter and now slime-soaked, 001, Banzai attacked a group
of slugs that had attempted to follow them.
A cross-armed Seymour towered above 099 with his finest menacing glare
that he could muster. This was quite impressive considering his
less-than intimidating appearance. The maternal robot looked up from
the wriggling babe with an innocent look as it could. This was also
quite impressive considering it didn't have any facial features. "I
believe that you have something of mine…" The Ambassador hissed
dangerously. 099 let off a few soft clicks and then wheeled back,
allowing the large man to retrieve his daughter.
"Okay… we're here, now what?" Ingen asked anyone who would be willing
to answer. The mercenary's Winchester still working wildly to hold off
the horde whose numbers where comparable to Pauline Hansen's hate mail
list. In the distance MK10 could be seen pistol whipping Riot-slugs to
death as their weapons pathetically bounced off his ultra-thick armour.
However, the cleaner and the alien where already occupied with the
rather large sacks upon the floor. Efof's many arms dipped down and
inspected the bags. Normally he would recoil in shock and step away
from the killing weapons. This situation was hardly called normal. His
arms snaked in and pulled out two laser rifles. Although the weight of
the weapons felt awkward in his four arms, they still managed to keep
The cleaner managed to pull out a military-grade bazookoid from the
brown sack. The human knew in the back of his mind that he shouldn't
be here. His loner mind told him that he should just throw up his arms
and say `I'm outta here' but he knew that option simply wasn't there.
2 hours ago he was an innocent pacifist. Now he was a laser-toting,
acid-favouring, genocidal, sociopath.
Andy and Efof turned to face each other, both covered in ammunition
and body-armour. It took every part of his willpower not to blast the
evil blue alien there and then but he knew that he had bigger
problems. "Truce, Martian… for now." Andy hissed as his Bazookoid gave
a signature `crack'. "Well-" Efof blinked non-chantilly; a part of him
wanted to strongly correct the human, another thought better of it. He
finally shrugged and beamed, extending his top right hand in
friendship. "-guess that's as close as I can get!"
"Gentlemen," Ingen shouted as he rammed more bullets into the side of
his Winchester. "Not to sound impatient, but we do have an entire race
of slugs trying to KILL US RIGHT NOW!!!" There was a point of when an
angry old man turned from mildly amusing to the devil himself. This
was that point.
Andy and Efof raised their weaponry and moved towards the back of the
Blue Midget, then unleashed a florescent hell upon the creatures.
Andy's Bazookoid fired and re-crocked like a dog with terminal lung
cancer. Efof's twin rifle fired out solid green beams in
semi-automatic fashion, although he wouldn't admit that he enjoyed
this mindless slaughter under pain of torture- he wouldn't deny the
therapeutic effect. Whereas on the edge was Ingen, although he lacked
the brute firepower, his accuracy was simply godlike. Each and every
shot felled a slug no matter how big or how well armoured it was.
Together the three of them were beginning to make a gaping hole in the
seemingly unlimited supply of slugs. In a few more minutes a clean
path from here to the trapped crew members would appear.
Out the corner of his eye he saw the blue-beamed laser fire of 042.
Along with him was that crew member that he saw. "Martian, Ingen, keep
firing. I'll be right back!" Before they could reply Andy had already
leapt off the side of the ramp.
Efof and Ingen spared each other a perplexed side-ways glance before
they returned to the vicious counterattack.
Meanwhile Seymour swept up his baby daughter majestically as he could.
The young babe looked up at her father, a smile exploded upon her
face. 'She recognizes me!' The father thought incredulously as he
mirrored the pleased expression. This was promptly wiped off by yet
another jet of pale, baby vomit.
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