Armory? What armory?

<this jp was brought to you by CK and Jessie><snip> "Can you hear a
buzzing?" asked Kochanski. Harris turned, and looked
further down the vent. It split into two other pipe systems, coming
down one of the pipes was a floating football.
"Move move move!" Said Harris, knowing that a robotic device
towards them can't be good. He pushed Kochanski down the other
pipeway, where he crawled as fast as he could.
Harris though wasn't quick enough, the robot fired a dar into his
backside. He yelled in surprise, then dissapeared. Kochanski turned
around, seeing nothing but the floating robot.
<end snip>
Jessie, struggling to keep up, took a shot at the robot, but too late.
Harris was gone.
"What the hell was that?" she yelped, poking the sizzling
remains with her gun.
"More important, WHERE THE SMEG IS CHRIS!" CK bellowed into her
Jessie shrugged. "Do you think we'd be able to help?"
Callum thought for a moment. "That was a transport drone... Theres
nothing we can do for Chris now". Callum beated his foot down
against a metal grill until it well down. "Come on".
"Where we going?" Jessie asked as the two of them jumped down
from the vent and into one of the Blue Dwarfs many coridoors. CK looked
around until he saw a map on the wall.
"Those alien things..." He started.
"The Mollopods." Jessie finished.
"Yes the Mollopods" Callum quipped sarcasticly, "Are
trying to capture the ship and Wormhole Drive... We have to get to the
Armory, find out if theres anyone else left on board, and then activate a
security lockdown from the drive room or engineering. Now your the psycho
with a gun... Wheres the Armory?"
"There's an armory here?" Jessie asked, startled. "yeah,
where do you think we get our weapons, the supermarket?" Callum
responded. "Where've you been, Pluto?"
"Depends what ship this is. I only know about the Mollopods 'cause
the skutters were in a panic over them. I haven't seen anyone for
Callum frowned. "We'll have to discuss this later. For the moment,
let's just find the armory."
"Something might come back to me." offered Jessie. "You
never know."

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