The fight for lunch

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Who: Rosette, Seymour, Mk10, and several Mollopod Elite.
Where: BD
When: About 1 minute before the mollopods landed in the arboretum.
The large dinosaur-like creature lunged towards the trio, who
instantly dived out of the way, and made for the Crashed midget. the
humid, sticky air had already caused flies and mosquitos to begin
buzzing around the pair of humans.
"is it gone?" Seymour asked loudly, poking his head out of the
window. He ducked in suddenly, seriuosly wishing he hadn't said
"it's still there..." he whimpered.
Rosette dug through a pile of junk near one of the lockers that had
been smashed open, and withdrew a pistol. "Bring it beasty" she said
smugly, loading the weapon.
She made her way slowly to the front of the ship, and looked outside,
the creature living on instincts had decided to mark the new arrival
as its terriroty, so she shot it in the head.
"thats disgusting" she said, climbing out, and pulling Seymour with
him, as he was still cowering in the corner.
"leave me alone!" he said, pulling away. Rosette smiled, and tried
to stop herself from laughing.
"fine, stay here" she said, turning to walk away with Mk10. Mere
seconds later they heard the sound of running, as Seymour caught up
with them as fast as his legs would carry him.
"Don't leave me here!" he yelled, alerting all other creatures in the
area to their presence.
Rosette smacked him on the side of the head. "shut up you idiot!"
she whispered loudly.
"I wonder what it tastes like..." one of the Mollopods said, drooling
over the corpse of the hyaenadon they'd just charred with a laser
"well, the fry-ray cooked it already, so why not try it?" another
asked, stroking the long-range microwave-oven he held in his....
"The humans are moving" the third said, holding a scanner in front of
him. "and there are more of these... creatures around too." he
added, looking around cautiously.
Soon, using their teleporters, they had got to the edge of the
Arboretum, a large door stood in their way, freshly closed after the
trio of 'Dwarfers had escaped the Jungle.
<back to the others>
"So where is this salt by the way?" Mk10 asked, looking up at Seymour
and Rosette, his single red eye pulsing back and forth.
"It's definitely not in cargo bay 3, thats for sure." Seymour spoke
up, trying to get them to leave the salt alone. Instantly Mk10 and
Rosette sped up, staying at a speed they could keep up for long
Soon they made it down to the cargo levels, without much resistance
from.... anything...
"Hold it.." Rosette said, stopping them all. "I recognise this
place.." she added, remembering it from when she was kidnapped by
She opened a door, and wandered in, several corpses of the Bloodhound
gang lay on the floor, killed by what looked like VERY large fists.
On a rack in the corner of the room lay a pair of Ornate red knives.
Rosette almost jumped for joy as she grabbed them, and re-attached
them to her belt.
"what? they're mine!" she said, replying to the glare from both Mk.10
and Seymour.
"we're here to get the salt, not our prized posessions." Mk.10 said,
trying to get her to stay on target.
"So does that mean we can leave the salt? thats my prized
posession..." he muttered, but received another smack from Rosette.
"hey! stop that!" he yelled, trying to fight back, but failing
<Back to the Mollopods>
"where are they going?" the one with the Fry-Ray asked, firing a
teleporting beacon down the corridor, appearing in its place soon
The third looked down at the scanner. "they've gone down... should
we go after them, or just take the ship?" he asked, the 2nd one,
obviously the leader of the team stopped.
"leave them, we take the ship. They won't be able to stop us once we
have control." he said, moving on down the corridor as well.
"here it is, Cargo bay 3." Rosette said, opening the door.
Inside was a large, but very empty space.
"I told you its not in here." Seymour said smugly, happy that he'd
lead them the wrong way. Mk.10 sighed, and jacked into a terminal in
the wall.
"they're in... cargo bay 1." he said, checking the stock levels in
the ships database.
"damn you." Seymour said, giving Mk.10 a glare that wouldn't scare a
5 year old.
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