It's Killing Time

Who: Roos, Rufus, Amber
Where: A Chinese Restarunt Ship
When: Tagged From Andy's Post
---- Snip ----
A fiery roar shook the ship as the Chinese restaurant slowly began topull itself away from the refueling station and into the heavilypolluted sky. A broad smile slowly crept up the sides of his mouth.He'd done it, against all odds.
The manager/chef slug sagged in the corner. All hopes of escapeddashed. Andy strolled over to the side windows of the cockpit andsquinted out the side. The cleaner smirked and pointed toward theenormous Blue Mining craft. "Hey… I can see my house from here!"
---- End Snip ----
Rufus punched in the autopilot co-ordinates for the 'Dwarf and let the ship do the rest, he had learned some things about piloting from Amber but it had been mostly luck that had got them into the air, Rufus knew he couldn't land this thing. He grabbed Andy from the main restaurant and pulled him into the cockpit, locking the bulkhead door behind them so that no rebellious slugs could get in. He slumped into the pilots chair and cradled his mothers arm in his hands.

"Mum... I can't believe you are gone... Mummy can't die..." Rufus said, sounding oddly childlike and tears again streaming down his face and streaking his dirty bloody face. Rufus was regretting lots of things he'd done in the last few minutes, he wasn't acting like himself. He blamed the grief.

"What are you doing? Shouldn't you be flying this thing Blondie?" Andy asked, panic tinging his voice. Rufus looked up at him and snarled in the way that only a FeBuggure can.
"My name you stupid goit is Rufus. I have the ship on autopilot, Amber will guide it in to land when she sees the code i'm broadcasting. Amber is my sister. She is also half GELF. Our father, the loonie who you saw drunk on that planet is a GELF. My mother is...." Rufus stumbled on the words and his face visibly contorted into a painful expression "Mummy was normal." He whispered, hugging the arm close.

"Oh... I see... But surely that would..." Andy tailed off thinking better about the decision to press the GELF issue.
--- Hanger Bay 42 ---
Amber hissed something Hymenopterran into the override panel and the hanger bay doors slid open slowly, allowing the Chinese ship to land.
"God damned stupid brother. Why can't he look after himself." Amber growled, stalking over to the Chinese Restaurant. The hatch thunked onto the deck and Rufus came slowly out, clutching the bundle of cloth that contained all that remained of Tara. Andy Roos walked out down the ramp past Rufus and up to Amber, he opened his mouth to speak but Amber rushed past him to Rufus side.

"Amber... Mummy's... She is..." Rufus filled in Amber about the events on the planet Andy butting in now and then to fill in details. Tears rolled down Rufus' face, two clear tracks through the grime, he gestured the bundle forwards and Amber opened a corner of it slowly. Her face contorted as she saw the rings on Tara's pale bloodless stiff hand.

"Oh God.... No....No no no! Those sons of..." She dropped the arm and it fell with a crunch as the bones broke. She stood there, shaking with hate, not sadness. She was upset that Tara had died. Unlike Rufus however, she hated all of the Mollopods and wanted to see them all die. Rufus was just too emotional to think at the moment.

"Hey guys what are we going to do about the...." Andy started to but in, getting fidgety without any Scutters. Amber wheeled on the unsuspecting man, not knowing just who he had pissed off the poor man was going to find out the hard way.

"Listen here you frelling toilet jockey. I just found out that my mother has just.... And you think that you can just interrupt?! My brother isn't exactly the most confident of people. He's really upset and would you be kind enough to just give us a moment to talk. Of course if you don't mind." She glared, her eyes flashing as black as Phil's had been.
"But the Mollopods..." Andy said quietly.
"Frell the Mollopods." Amber said and turned to the communicator on the wall. She opened a channel to one of the ships in the shuttle bay.
"Vespidae, hrsssssshr thhhissslachh laaasssshhhfff" She said in low hushed tones. The Vespidae broke through the connecting door and began to blast away at the Chinese Restaurant. Andy gazed at the Hymenopterran wasp like ship in awe. Amber turned to Rufus, putting her hands on his shoulders.
"Get her to the lab. I believe in you. We will work something out. I'll kill these sons of smeggers until they can't even remember what extinct is." Rufus smiled at his sister, drawing on her courage nodded weakly and began to trudge out of the bay, his limp more pronounced as he carried the bundle containing Tara's dead arm.
"What about me?" Andy asked, feeling a bit like a spare part. Amber's face softened slightly.
"Look after him. He's not feeling right at the moment. He'll come around. Until then, make sure he gets to the lab ok" Amber turned and ran to Vespidae just as the sirens went off and Holly's warning of incoming attack vessels came over the loud speakers to scramble all pilots.

Once the hanger was clear Amber sent the final shot into the Restaurant and punched Vespidae out into the  blackness of space.
"It's killing time." She growled.
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