Scutter Corpses

Who: Rufus, AndyWhere: Science LabsWhen: After Andy's post.---- Snip ----
The two's attention was quickly diverted as the elevators door opened.
A large painted symbol on the front showed `Science deck' in big bold
letters. Rufus turned back to Andy. "I'm going to Genetics lab. Take
the bazookoid but hold it as far away as possible from the dart."
"... And what are you going to do with a dart?" Andy couldn't possibly
understand why he would want it, unless he wanted a one way ticket to
an Alien's stomach.
Rufus smirked deviously, placing a second hand on his mother's arm.
"Triangulation…"---- End Snip ----Rufus darted down the corridor, now in his own territory he felt a small comfort in the familiar gunmetal grey walls. "Come on, my lab is this way." Rufus said breaking into a  jog, his boots making an uneven sound as he limped down the corridor.
"Sure thing..." Andy said, jogging with the bazookoid at arms length, sparing glances to look down at his volatile cargo.Rufus punched in the code to his labs on the numerical keypad. The door slid open and revealed the sprawling lab that Rufus had adopted as his own. Hamsters sat in cages along the walls and numerous mechanical objects lay on workbenches, half finished and dusty. A fridge sat in one corner of the room and more Scutter parts than you could imagine were dotted around. Andy's jaw dropped in an expression of horror. This boy took apart Scutters. Rufus moved over to a glass pod on the side of the room and opened up the door.
"You... You.... You..." Andy stuttered."Me.. Me .. Me... Yes yes... not now please." Rufus said, ignoring what Andy was stammering and gesturing at around the room. Rufus gently unwrapped the arm, and carefully removed the rings from the fingers before placing the arm inside the glass pod. It hummed and the arm began to float as if in suspended animation. Rufus put the rings in his inside lab coat pocket and turned to face Andy, who still had the bazookoid in one outstretched arm and was now pointing at the pile of Scutter corpses with his other.
"My Scutters!" Andy wailed."What? How do you think they get upgraded? That they do it themselves? T'ch. Mk.10 didn't just spring out of nowhere you know. Someone had to build the shell. Get over it. We need to put them back together any way. They can help the crew defeat the Mollopods." Rufus said simply, seemingly more confident now he was in his own comfort zone. Rufus took the Bazookoid off Andy and exchanged it for a laser screwdriver. "Here, do something useful rather than gawking. Put them back together." Rufus turned to the arm and took a deep breath. He was having trouble keeping his emotions back, focusing was a challenge."Still, I will carry on." He mumbled. "Mum would have wanted that." He grabbed some protective gloves and set about working on the dart from the Mollopod gun.
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