MSN woes!!!

I know that OOC stuff goes in Parrotts forum, but not everyone goes there,
and I figure I'm being an irresponsible mod if I don't address this to the
entire group.
Basically, I don't know who half of my MSN contacts are! and i know that
most of the ones I'm unsure of, are some of you guys.
So, if any of you see me online can you send me a message so I know who you
are? Or email me your MSN contact - the latter also goes for peeps who just
wanna chat (Alot of you I do know, before everyone gets upset!! Though some
of you I wish I didn't! ;-P)
Anyone who want's to add me feel free, it's sirlagerlot@..., my user
name is always either Sir Lagerlot or Baron Von Longman, but PLEASE tell me
who you are, cos people adding me then never introducing themselves is what
caused this problem in the first place!!!!
Cheers guys!!

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