**Actionette** "Would you like Genocide with that?"

Who: Seymour, Mk.10, Rosette
Where: Cargo bay mostly
When: After 'Low gravity Hikinks'
Mk.10 digitally sighed again, "I can fly the ship... but i think
theres a lockdown on, so we wouldn't be able to do anything..." he
said, watching as Rosettes expression change from 'woo, mass genocide'
to 'oh smeg' in one foul swoop.
"Is there any way we can do it?" she asked. Seymour slowly floated
down at this point, to add his two pence.
"I'm an ambassador, i cannot allow you to wipe out an entire race!" he
almost shouted, the blast of hot air from his mouth pushed him away
from the other two, he cried and let it carry him somewhere that would
stop him from being able to save his precious salt.
"Are there any crates here that can make it through the atmosphere?"
Rosette and Mk.10 said simultaneously.
"Great minds think along similar lines" Rosette smiled, and turned to
face the giant crates of salt.
"That one." Mk.10 said, spotting a large metal crate. "It would
probably stand most of re-entry, which means it would spread the salt
into the atmosphere!" he called, almost happy to be the bringer of
death for an entire planet.
---About an hour later---
"Whew, i think thats it..." Rosette said, sweating like the proverbial
pig in a furnace after getting every wooden crate of salt into the
giant metal crates.
"Gravity should send them down if we just push them out of the ship,
right?" she asked, not entirely sure how this was going to work.
Soon enough, the crates were up against the edge of the cargo bay, and
Mk.10 had wired himself into the controls on the other side of the
door. The cargo bay door was closed, and the three of them hovered in
the corridor, ready to go.
"Yippie kah-yay!" Mk.10 shouted, in true Die-hard fashion as he opened
the outer doors, and turned the force field off. Gravity, and
de-pressurisation sucked the crates out into space, directly towards
the planet below. All that the three could do now was watch, Seymour
had tears in his eyes, but deep down, he knew he'd done the right thing.
"Like hell i have!" he said, answering the narration. "That salt was
"you're not supposed to talk to that voice!" Rosette snapped, smacking
him on the side of the head.
***Meanwhile, Below***
"Nice Velociraptor...." keto managed, as the beast sniffed at him,
spraying bad breath and foul saliva over him. He was just happy that
it chose not to eat him.
Outside, a view that would've made everyone stop and watch, if they
weren't trying to kill each other... A giant metal crate fell from
the sky, in a massive fireball. Molten metal fell away from the mass,
spreading the wooden boxes away, that were now also on fire in places.
A Hill in the centre of this continent would make a fine landing
place for such an object... Each and every wooden box of salt spread
away from the molten mass of metal, in a way that could only be
described as buck-shot, as the crates broke open, spreading their
salty goodness across the land.
A massive cheer roared from the Blue-Dwarf crew that were planetside,
as every slug in the area melted spectacularly, the mass of salt
covering them from head-to-tail. Then there was a cry of anguish from
every female member of crew, who had to contend with salt in their hair.
Unfortunately, those inside were unharmed by the salt, and the group
of 'Dwarfers on the sandwich line were also not as saved as the rest
of them...
Hopefully, someone would make their way through here, and rescue them
from the pre-historic menace that was the velociraptor.
--Back on the 'Dwarf--
"Congratulations, perfect shot" Holly piped up, appearing on a screen
nearby. Two of the three cheered, and Rosette even hugged Mk.10 and
kissed his head in delight. Mk.10 would've blushed too, if he weren't
made of metal. His pulsing red eye did pulse a little harder once or
twice though.
"can i go to bed now?" Rosette asked, the bags under her eyes from
lack of sleep showing her up as a zombie of sorts.
"Never mind." she said, sleep deprivation catching up with her, as she
fell over backwards, and fell asleep on the metal floor of the corridor.
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enjoy saving those on the planet, whoever's left...>

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