**Action** - "The Main Course" pt1

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Who: Jay Chrysler
Where: Drive Room
"Navigation control systems offline" Holly's voice came, as the entire
shipwide navigation system shutdown.
"Dante" said Jay through his comm "thanks for showing me what a
hot-air balloon feels like,.....nav's down. All you need to do now is
shut down the drive itself, they can't steer this bucket, but they
might get lucky with the coordinates...."
Jay waited five seconds but couldn't hear any response from Dante,
just static. Why was he not responding? Had Dante been captured, or
possibly killed? Jay felt a coldness in his stomach at the
possibilities. He thought about his female clone, had she also been
He tried again. "Dante?"
"Nobody can hear you now Mister Chrysler."
The voice behind him caused Jay to quickly whirl, something that takes
some skill in zero gravity. A Mollopod soldier was in the room, Jay
guessed one of the Mollopod elite. Jay mentally kicked himself for
letting someone get behind him, although with the gravity offline it
would have been useless to listen for footsteps. But the smell should
have given it away.
This Mollopod spoke in a slow but well-spoken voice that seemed to
give sinister intent to everything that came out of his mouth. He
pronounced each syllable correctly unlike most of the Mollopods they
had encountered, who drooled and spat like a burbling child. This was
Sulcar Regente, a high-up general in the Mollopod army. Sulcar held up
a portable jamming device to show Jay that calling anyone now would be
Sulcar looked around at the computers in the room. "Oh dear, you have
made a mess." he said, but didn't sound too disappointed. "You've
damaged your own ship so we can't use it."
Jay nodded. "Yep. This ship isn't going anywhere."
"Well that's a shame." Said Sulcar. "But I'm not overly upset." his
voice dripping with sarcasm. "We don't need the Blue Dwarf to go
anywhere. All we need it to do is create a wormhole. We've got plenty
of ships." He pointed out of the large plexiglass window at the fleet
of Mollopod ships ready to go.
Jay took a deep breath and hoped Dante had disabled the wormhole drive
in time.
Who: Dante and Jayne
Where: Wormhole Drive room
When: Same time
The Bloodhound gang had been originally lead by Jayne Chrysler to take
over and secure the Wormhole Drive. Since nobody had told them that
she had now switched sides, Jayne found it incredibly easy to walk
amongst them and get to the Drive.
"Okay new orders!" She said as she reached the room, with Dante hiding
out of sight.
"We have to disable this thing." she tapped the chrome side of the
large fixture lightly.
One of the bloodhound gang stepped up, a large wolf with light blue
hair all over it's body. It walked with a stoop, and held an augmented
bazukoid. "I'll disable it!" he said, walking over and aiming his gun
at the piece of sensitive equipment.
"No, no! Not like that." Jayne said, waving her arms in front of him.
"I mean we have to turn it off... somehow... or lock it down... or
something technical like that."
The gang of ferocious looking animals looked at each other. "But... we
don't know how do do stuff like that."
"We just know how to smash things!" said one.
"I don't even have opposable thumbs!" said another.
The blue haired wolf seemed offended by not being allowed to destroy
the Drive. "Why won't you let us just smash it? Maybe the rumours are
"What rumours?" Said Jayne.
"That you've gone soft. That you've sided with the enemy." He said,
drawing himself up to full height and looking down on the human clone.
"No, of course it's not true. Who told you that?"
There was a pause, before the wolf pointed a clawed finger to the
corner of the room where a Mollopod squatted. "Him."
"Oh bollocks." Said Jayne, trying to make a run for it. She was
The Mollopod talked to his radio. "Sulcar? We have the Wormhole Drive,
I'm inputting the coordinates now."
The slimy voice of Sulcar in the Drive Room came through the radio.
"Activate it. Our ships are waiting."
The Mollopod pulled a huge lever down on the device and it started to
hum and spark with electricity. White sparks and bolts of electricity
bounced off the device and around the room, the same sparks that flew
off the ramscoops on the outside of the ship, and teased a hole into
the fabric of space.
A blue wormhole opened, it's swirling edges holding a hole open that
lead straight to Earth.
< To be continued >

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