*Action* - "Spilling its load" pt3

Who: Captain Jed, Mk10, Andy, Rosette and Mk10
Where: Starbug 24, on the derelict
When: After the attack
Jed had watched in horror as the cargo had dissapeared crate by crate.
He was angered at the callous attack, especially as he hadn't had
chance to root through it yet in case there was anything interesting
to find.
They pulled back to the Starbug and caught their breath. The attack
had taken them by such surprise that it had been over so quickly. Jed
paced as he thought of the next plan of action, and he wondered about
the clean and effective method that their attackers had used to
disintegrate the cargo. Why would they even need to? Was the cargo so
valuable that someone had planned to destroy it rather than let them
capture it?
Then a small explosion went off in Jed's brain. The way the weapons
fire hit the cargo with such pinpoint accuracy, and it vanished
reminded him of the weapons the Mollopods used.
He barked an order to Efof and Phil in the cockpit. "Are we absolutely
sure those yellow-bellied varmits blew up the cargo, or jus'
teleported it to their ship?"
Efof pressed a few controls. "Erm... not sure Jed... I mean Captain.
They're getting away too fast, I can't scan their cargo bay."
Mk10 behind jumped up and down excitedly at the prospect of giving
chase. "Let's get them!" he encouraged.
Jed gave him an angry stare. "That's my decision to make!" he accused.
Then turned to Efof. "Spur up those engines an' follow that ship!"
Efof nodded, and put his head down to press the appropriate buttons.
Seconds later it was Phil who looked out of the window. "They're
turning and coming back..."
Within seconds, the opponent ship was passing over them, and dropped a
series of four seeker mines. The small round devices continued using
the same momentum as the larger ship and hit the derelict ship,
creating explosions around where the Starbug was nestled inside. The
hull of the derelict took the brunt of the explosions, but the
weakened hull didn't put up much resistance. It splintered like
rotting wood and tore huge chunks off the transport ship's hull.
The Starbug was still in a landing position, unable to take off whilst
the entire transport ship around them was shaking like it was in an
earthquake. Efof aimed the Starbug towards the brightness of the stars
ahead, but didn't get very far as a huge sheet of twisted metal
crossed in front of them, blocking their only exit out from inside the
derelict ship.
Phil fired the Starbug's laser cannons to attempt to dislodge the
metal from the opening, but it just caused more of the larger ship
around them to shake and come loose. A sheet of metal tore from the
ceiling and rested itself against the Starbug's roof, the weight of
the material pinning them down to the floor.
The Starbug automatically powered down, the onboard computer thinking
they had landed.
"I think we're stuck." Said Efof.
Phil still had his eye on the scanner. It showed a radar display of
the location of their opponent. "They're coming round again!" He
shouted, and held tightly onto his armrest.
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