Submarine Tactics

"I think we're stuck." Said Efof.
Phil still had his eye on the scanner. It showed a radar display of
the location of their opponent. "They're coming round again!" He
shouted, and held tightly onto his armrest.
The unknown ship made another pass above them, dropping the seeker
mines, which spiralled towards them. Efof remembered watching a war
film the other week, and slammed his hand down on a control panel, the
engines powered down, and everything except life support ground to a halt.
"What the hell did you do that for?" Phil asked, staring angrily at
the Ffionian. Efof looked at him in the darkness.
"We're hiding. They're dropping mines, we act dead and they go away!
I saw it on tv last week!" he replied happily. Rosettes mind perked
up at this too. She reached out and pulled a lever, spilling the
engine coolant reserve tank.
"Now they think they've taken out our engines!" she added, joining in
the fun of making it look like they were dead. The enemy ship
stopped, and hovered nearby. Everyone on the starbug fell into a
deadly silence, even Efof.
"Right," Rosette whispered. "now we need to make our escape." she
continued, looking towards the space suits. "The only thing we can do
is go into the cargo ship, and hide."
Phil looked at the radar screen, that still flickered with semi-life.
"Well, they're not attacking anymore... so at least we have some time."
Soon they were all in a space suit, and about to open the back door.
As the hydraulics burst into life. Everyone leapt out into the
weightlessness, floating towards the entrance to the remains of the
ship. The seeker mines floated down towards them, the old style
spikes on them pointing towards them. Efof turned, and used the
Zero-G environment to catch one.
"Efof No!" Phil shouted, but Efof didn't listen, he turned himself
towards the enemy ship, and threw the mine towards it, catching onto
the derelict ship as he too flew off towards it. The mine didn't slow
down, but instead took the enemy ship as its new target...

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