Efof + Andy - "Hidden cargo"

Who: Captain Jed, Efof, Phil, Rosette, Andy and Mk10
Where: On the derelict transport ship
When: After the Starbug was pinned down
Efof turned, and used the Zero-G environment to catch one.
"Efof No!" Phil shouted, but Efof didn't listen, he turned himself
towards the enemy ship, and threw the mine towards it, catching onto
the derelict ship as he too flew off towards it. The mine didn't slow
down, but instead took the enemy ship as its new target...
<end snip>
The enemy ship reacted quickly to the incoming mine and sped away
quickly, then turned sharply, obviously hoping that the missile will
not be able to turn as fast. The ship was however outwitted by it's
own arsenal which noticed the ship's quick evasive manoeuvre and
compensated for it. An explosion lit up the back-end of the ship and
it lurched forward with it's nose down, as if a small dog being kicked
swiftly up the bum. It twisted through space... towards the derelict.
Efof beamed. He was happy with his shot. He wasn't much of a sporting
person, so his accuracy impressed himself. He gave a cheesy thumbs up
to the rest of the group and grinned, not noticing the ship spiralling
towards them.
Phil grabbed him by the oxygen pack on his back and they headed deeper
into the derelict.
Outside, the enemy ship didn't crash. The pilot regained control at
the last minute and landed the ship safely next to the Starbug.
Captain Jed's team felt a light bump as the ship touched down and knew
that their enemies were aboard. They picked up the pace and ran
further into the ship to find a defensive position.
As Efof ran, he did occasionally stop and stare at the gaping holes in
the exterior walls, allowing him to see straight out into space, or
peer down deep holes in the flooring that lead through several
destroyed decks. Phil always kept pushing him to keep going.
Then Efof looked behind, Andy the cleaner had got his foot entwined in
some loose wiring that was spilling out of a bulkhead. Efof stopped
and went back to help him. Their experience together in their shared
delusion the other week had brought the pair closer together although
they weren't exactly 'friends'. Andy saw Efof coming back for him, he
still felt that the happy-go-lucky blue alien freaked him out, but
right now he was glad of the help. Efof untied the wiring from around
his boot and then were ready to run again when Efof saw the shadows of
someone approaching.
He pulled Andy behind a thick pillar. A wide column of metal encased
in crumbling plaster. It was probably the only think keeping the
ceiling from collapsing in this section.
Andy and Efof crouched with their backs to the pillar, they could see
torchlight scanning the room they were in from left to right. If the
enemy had a psi-scanner they would be able to pinpoint them
immediately, Andy and Efof just hoped they wouldn't bother.
Rosette, Phil, Mk10 and the Captain were now nowhere to be seen. They
had ran ahead and left them behind.
Efof was curious to see who it was that had attacked them, but didn't
dare peeking out from behind the pillar until it looked safe to. The
enemy had gone, Efof couldn't tell how many of them had passed by, but
guessed only a small scouting team of about five or six.
Andy pulled Efof back and said. "We can't go that way now."
"But that's where the Captain and the others have gone."
"Yes but what if we catch up with the enemy or meet them coming back?"
Efof nodded and then shrugged. "Shall we just stay here?"
Andy pointed to a doorway that was partially covered with rubble. "How
about we try in there?"
They crept across the floor and avoided the large cracks and holes
that dropped down to lower sections of the ship.
The doorway lead down a narrow corridor with lights at the end of it.
Intrigued, Efof and Andy continued towards the light, each silently
wondering what on this destroyed ship was still generating power.
They drew closer to see a purple forcefield blocking their path,
curved like a small fraction of a larger bubble. The surface was
semi-transparent, and crinkly, like a bathroom window.
"What do you think it is?" Efof said, bathing in it's purple light in awe.
"A forcefield you moron, never seen one before?"
"Yes! Well... I meant. What do you think it's for?"
Andy shrugged. "Can you touch it?"
Efof took a step back. "No way. YOU touch it."
Andy picked up a piece of pipe that was laying around and threw it
through. It moved effortlessly through the field. "Seems okay to me."
he said.
Efof tentatively reached out and touched the surface of the field. His
hand passed through it safely then he jumped through.
Andy followed him. The other side was the same room, but now bathed in
purple light. Efof's spacesuit told him there was breathable air in
this section so he removed his helmet. He looked around, this room was
full of more cargo.
"How come didn't we pick all this up on scans?" asked Andy.
Efof shrugged. "Maybe that field is to stop you from scanning this
cargo. Maybe it's special!"
Andy couldn't pretend to be excited, it was trying to extract the last
lot of cargo that killed 001.
But Efof was excited that he had found all this first, he danced
around like he'd found hidden treasure. "Wow look at all this, it's
really exciting! What's this? Is it treasure?"
"Why? What is it?."
"It's a poster called 'Magic-eye' dated 1996. Is it worth anything?"
he passed it to Andy.
Andy took held it up to the light and marvelled. "Wow, this is over
100 years old. It might be worth a fortune!"
They were distracted by a grunting noise and they both looked to the
floor. A man was laying there bleeding. He looked terribly close to
the end of his life.
Efof tapped Andy on the arm. "Maybe we should ask him if we can take
the poster?"
"No. Lets ask him who destroyed this ship." said Andy. "Or shall we
ask him who those people are that have boarded?"
The man groaned in pain. "Don't ask me anything, just get medical
attention." he spat bitterly. "And why did you throw a pipe at me?"
Efof knelt down beside him. He spoke slowly and clearly to the dying
man, knowing he didn't have much time.
"Are...there...any...more...of...these?" he said waving the magic-eye
The man gasped for breath. "Are you... scavengers?" he gasped.
"No." Lied Efof.
"Just browsing." Said Andy.
The man's head fell to one side and Efof propped it up with his hand.
The man didn't look like he could stay conscious for long.
"Who attacked you?" Efof asked.
"It was... it was.... big ship."
The man's eyes closed and there was a rattle in his throat. He wasn't
going to say anymore.
Efof stood up. "Well that's useless!"
"It wasn't useless. We know it was a big ship!" said Andy.
Efof waved around at the cracks and holes in the hull. "We knew that
already! Look at the damage around here! This wasn't done by a small
ship! We wanted to know if it was the Mollopods, or maybe the
Ffionians, or the Plebians, or the Eniram, or the Welsh!"
Andy didn't know what to say, but he didn't have much time to do so as
Rosette, Mk10 and Phil quickly jumped through the purple field.
Captain Jed jumped in last, throwing himself onto his back and firing
with his two pistols down the corridor.
"They're right behind us!" Yelled Phil.
<Tag David/Andy, or anyone else who wants to continue it on from here.
We're cornered so how shall we escape?>

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