Andy- 'I think I'm a clone now'

Who: Andy, 001
Where: derelict ship, starbug
When: 4 hours after previous post
"Okay, now where the hell did I put that cyber-jack cable?" Andy
muttered as his hands glided over the dimly lit work bench. Out the
corner of his eye he managed to see a speck of blue. With a triumphant
smirk he reached out for the azure item, only to pull it back to
realise that it was a one of those damn blue bars.
Andy's hand pulled back and pitched the bar across the room in a fit
of frustration. He put a hand up to his eyes and rubbed the sides of
his nose. With a deep breath he turned around to the mayhem that was
behind him.
Shortly after the aliens had left Rosette (another stowaway like him)
had found quite a stash. During the fighting she had hidden herself
away underneath a breached floor (although to be fair it was rather
accidental). After getting herself back together Rosette had found
herself in the middle of a massive stash of these strange glowing blue
Although Phil stated that they could be anything from toxic waste to
toilet fittings, when Mk 10 scanned the items and relayed to the
captain that they were both non-hazardous to humans as well as an
element not known to man; it was good enough for him. Unfortunately
there was so much of the crap that it was now EVERYWHERE on the Starbug.
Pushing his way past the boxes and vaulting over a few others he
finally caught sight of 001. The Skutter had been backed well and
truly into a corner. His pathetic little tracks where defiantly not
made to go up stairs nor up 90 degree angles, which explained 001's
love of vent travel.
"Come on double-oh, let's see how well these nanites put you back
together." Andy stated soothingly as he lent down and scooped up the
robot into his arms.
Within another few minutes he was back over to the bench, finally
finding the cyber-jack in his left pocket.
With a light thump he lay down the Skutter who looked back at him
curiously. It was one of the few times double-oh had even been at eye
level to the cleaner, quite an odd experience for both of them.
Andy pushed the jack into the side of the skutters head and booted up
the bench's built-in systems.
Neither the cleaner nor the Skutter make a sound. The noise came from
Andy's finger tips. All ten fingers glided across the board agilely,
never making a single mistake while his eyes remained fixed upon the
"Well… looks like the nanites did a good job of piecing you back
together. The software interface looks the same. Probably did a scan
of you before they did… yep, as I thought, you hull integrity is at full."
Andy looked over at the large wooden crate. A note hung off the side.
All written in an unknown alien language but he doubled that it was
flattering. It was in the middle of the Starbug's table when the crew
had returned. However, inside the crate wasn't exactly what he had
expected. Instead of a mass of writhing nanites-machines or even a sea
of grey goo, it was stacks and stacks of simple silver beans. Silver
beans, they were meant to be nanites?!
Andy shook his head and got back to the job at hand. "Hey double-oh…
you feel that?" He asked as he prodded a 'pain' switch. The Skutter
gave a slow dipping nod. "Okay… this?" Again the Skutter nodded.
"….are you felling okay double-oh? You usually hate sensory tests, and
you've been kinda quiet too."
The robot tilted its head to the side slowly before shaking it in
denial. "Alright… if you're sure, I'll just be running a few more
diagnostics then."
Suddenly a loud screech came from Andy's left and a small mass rammed
into his leg. The cleaner looked down with an indignant look in his eyes.
Lo and behold, 001 was just pulling away from his leg in preparation
to ram him again. "Damn it double-oh! Can't you see that I'm busy
running this diagnostic?! I'll play with you later!! Now, Double-oh,
can feel it when I-…."
Andy looked down at the robot at the floor, then to the one on the
bench. He rubbed his eyes then looked again. As he did he noticed that
while on the one of the floor was still half-painted blue, the one on
the bench was completely gun-metal grey.
Then another click came from his right, then another, and another.
Andy slowly closed the computer's monitor back to the keyboard with an
audible click.
Very, very slowly he turned around and in the darkened room he beheld
the writhing horde of red Skutter eyes that stared back at him.
Andy's backside slid across the side of the able with all the speed of
a stunned tortoise, only stopping when he accidentally connected with
the crate of sliver beans. His head ever so slightly turned around
behind him and looked into the depths of the crate.
It was empty.
"Oh shi~-." With a quick yelp the cleaner dove over the crates and
slammed heavily into the steel grating just below the sliding doors.
Practically rocketing through the doorway before the motors could open
themselves. Andy immediately whipped around, grabbed one of the blue
tubes and smashed the door's control panel with a massive electrical
The hairs on the back of the Australian's neck slowly began to go on
end as he felt the eyes of the rest of the crew focus upon him.
Andy turned around with a somewhat flimsy smile before explaining. "Do
NOT eat from the Indian vendor outside deck 16!"
With that he swiftly power-walked over to the captain, pulling him
into the cockpit and informing him that. "We have a serious problem."

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