Re: Andy- \'I think I\'m a clone now\'

Who: Jed, Andy, Rosette, Mk10, 001, Phil, Efof
Where: The Starbug aboard the derelict
When: After the skutters start cloning themselves
"Whut's the problem son?" Jed said. His voice steady and unworried,
but with the stern sense that if anything did go wrong he would come
down on Andy like a tonne of bricks and fire him. Possibly even fire
at him.
"Double-oh, I mean... there are lots of him...there's skutters...
Jed shrugged. "Well that sure as hell saves me having to put that
expensive requisite order through to Spacecorps command to buy some
more after all the ones on th' ship malfunctioned." Jed shot an
accusary stare at Mk10 as he said this.
"Well... yes... I guess." Said the cleaner, still barracading the
doors to the midsection where the skutters were probably still
Jed turned his attention elsewhere and addressed the crew. "About
differen't hyar matters. I want to know everythin' thar is to know
about our lanky silver 'friends'. Efof you said they're pretty wussy,
and I reckon I could have one in an arm wrestle, so do you think
they've got anything worth pinching on their ship?"
Efof shrugged. "All I know is they're just traders, they normally buy
stuff and resell it. I think they judge their status in their society
by how high their eBay rating is."
Jed rubbed his hands together and pointed a bossy finger
around. "Efof, Rosette, Mk10, Phil, I want to to sneak onboard their
ship and find out all you can." He turned to Andy. "You... jus' sort
out those thar replicating robots n' make sure they don' take up all
the space in this hyar shuttle!"
Everyone nodded.
<Tag. Bit of an espionage mission. Find out some info about the
aliens. Not much has been said yet apart from they're tall and
silvery, so you can invent anything you want about their culture
maybe? Andy/David - I assumed you'd want to finish your subplot about
the skutters but feel free to join the others if you want to!>

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