Espionage action!

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The group that consisted of Efof, Rosette, Mk10 and Phil all left the
shuttle, fully decked out in their space suits, until they got back to
the area with the bubble around it. Everyone took their helmets off
to converse properly.
"So... How do we get inside?" Rosette asked, just in time to see a
crated nearby vanish in a ball of bright light.
"Are they teleporting things?" Efof asked, "It's like star trek!" he
smiled, thinking about the possibility of playing with that kind of
technology. "Why don't we get in the boxes?" he suggested, in a fit
of pure genius. Everyone looked at him wide eyed.
"Efof.. How the hell did you come up with that?" phil asked, just as a
couple more boxed disappeared. Mk.10 looked around,
"No time for that guys, there's only 4 boxes left!" he shouted,
jumping into one of them, the only one of them that wasn't encumbered
by the bulky space suits. Everyone else scattered, and jumped into a
box correctly sized to fit them. Soon, there was a bright light
around them all, and the crates were no longer in the derelict. No
one dared open their crate first, until the sounds of movement
disappeared. Strangely though, none of the sounds were that of
walking, and none of it was talking...
"Is it safe?" Rosette asked into her radio, Mk.10 opened his box,
railgun in hand, ready to save them all.
"It's clear" he said, helping everyone else out of the boxes. They
all shed their space-suits, and hid.
"So... what do we do?" Efof asked, the only espionage films he'd seen
were James Bond, and then he'd always been given a mission, here they
were on their own.
"We need to find a way to get around the ship without being seen...
Air-vents, water ducts... that kind of thing." Rosette said, her
experience of stowing away on the Blue Dwarf jumped to the front of
her mind. "Everyone fan out, and search the room for vents!" she
said, zooming off to the edges of the room.
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