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Hello my fellow dwarfers.
Your favourite, most attractive moderator here.
Just a quick head's up. My posting time is going to be very sporadic over
the next couple of weeks, as all my evenings and weekends will be spent
renovating the house I've bought to make it liveable - right now, tis a
Toward the end of December, my internets will be cut off, and I won't then
be online til well into the new year when I can re-connected at the house.
Worry not though, I've asked Reuben to help out with keeping things going
while I, Onion and Becca are otherwise occupied, so I fully expect to return
to a group that has been burned to the ground - which when you think asbout
could be quite impressive...
I knew this was coming, I just didn't expect it to be until well after
Christmas when Onion would be back....
I will still be able to read posts at work, when I'm meant to be working,
and see what's going on, however, so behave!

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