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<OOC - I had a great idea to put Andy's character's in some trouble,
but then realised I had no characters there - but then I rememebered
my youngest character! This will be my first about baby Alota without
either of her parents >
Who: Jayne, Vanessa, Shakespeare, an unconscious Jenny Bond and Baby
Where: Vents
When: After fleeing the medibay
Jayne threw the bottle of alcohol onto the stretcher where Jenny Bond
laid unmoving, only breathing lightly. Jayne pulled jenny's limp arm
so that it held the bottle firmly.
She paused. Then placed the burbling baby Alota under Jenny's other
arm. The unconscious woman had suddenly become useful as she became
the thing-to-put-other-things-on, which helped as they only had to
pull one thing through the vents.
Having to pull a woman in a place where you couldn't even stand
started to get very difficult after a very short time. Shakespeare
started, until Jayne realised he didnt have the strength and was
slowing them down considerably. She pushed him aside and rolled up
her sleeves. Given her brief stint in crime she had become used to
working up her muslces.
Ahead, Vanessa shouted back to them. "This vent splits, which way
shake we go?"
Jayne shrugged, her knowledge of the Blue Dwarf's ACTUAL corridors
was pretty slim, as she hadn't been aboard for all that long, let
alone the bowels of the ship where humans weren't intended to ever go.
Shakespeare launched into some philosophical argument with himself
about the poetic benefits of left or right, and contradicted himself
so many times that everybody ignored him.
Meanwhile, the crewmembers who had broken into the medibay were not
complete retarded morons. Well... they WERE retarded morons, but they
weren't without some shared intelligence between them and had quickly
worked out that the medical staff had escaped through the ventilation
system. They followed the vent as it crossed over the top of two
rooms next to the Medibay, and then crossed over a corridor. One
picked up a wooden mop that had been left and started hitting the
ventilation shaft above him.
The noise rang around the vent shaft and Jayne dropped the stretcher
to cover her ears. The small baby rolled off her mother and started
crawling in the opposite direction. Jayne looked back and saw the
rugrat powering away from her. "Come back!" She said.
Being a clone, Jayne had no appreciation of what it would be like to
be a baby, and hadn't spent any time around them. So couldn't
understand it was doing something as insane as crawling in the wrong
direction. She looked in the direction of Shakespeare, Vanessa and
all the other patients and they were moving on without her.
"Wait!" she called.
Another knock from the angry mob below shook Jayne's feet, and she
scowled. She knew had spent her entire life looking out for only
herself but now she felt compassion for a very small person she
didn't even know. It was a strange and alien emotion.
She crawled back to catch the baby, but as she did so the ventilation
shaft started to shake so hard that it came free of it's bindings and
tipped diagonally downwards. Jayne was caught by surprise and didn't
get many seconds of warning before the image of the escaping baby was
replaced with a view of the corridor below she was sliding towards.
Jayne outstretched her arms and legs and this halted her decent but
the pressure she needed to hold on was excruciatingly painful.
Jenny Bond slid down the diagonal shaft on her stretcher, passing
directly under Jayne's outstretched legs and slid out onto the
corridor below. As she slid past, Jayne snagged the bottle of alcohol
from her limp arms.
Above, Vanessa had realised her "sister" was missing and had gone
back for her. All she saw was a gap where the ventilation shaft
should have been, and on the other side was a drooling baby.
<tag Andy! Hope I haven't put you out at all, I just thought some
complication could be fun>

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