Merry F*****G Christmas

OOC - Warning strong language within.
Who: Amber
Where: Space Corps HQ
When: During the alcohol riots
"Merry fucking Christmas." Amber spat at the wall as she crawled put of the top bunk. She was sharing with another flyboy currently at SCHQ. The room was tiny, and covered in a bizarre mix of flight plans and tinsel. A standard issue JMC regulation christmas tree stood forlorn in one corner. Amber missed christmas back on the Dwarf, because of her parents status in the crew, they always got non regulation stuff, and her mum, the late Nurse Tara Cleavage used to make the best christmas dinner. Alota and Jay used to come over for dinner. Amber sighed and looked at the dull presants under the tree.
She walked over and looked, her christmas bonus was sat there, dropped off by the peewee's in the night, painted in the festive and traditional red and white. There were two more gifts for her there, one from Rufus and the other from her mum and dad. Well, from Phil, but the letter that came with it explained that it was Tara's idea before she.... Before she died. She ripped the paper off and opened a framed photo of the familly, she vaguely remembered having them taken a few months back. The writing on the back of the picture read 'Even though you are distant, you are always with us.' In her mothers writing. Amber choked up and threw the photo onto her bunk, it thudded there and Amber sat scowling, not wanting to think about Tara. After a few minutes to compose herself, she opened Rufus pressnat.

"Ah, brother. You need to check your mail more often. I've not heard from you in weeks, I hope you are ok." She thought about him, on Blue Dwarf, their father always busy with running the ship would try, but she knew that he needed someone to talk to really. He had got her a small working modle of Vespidae, she wound up the mechanism and it hovered into the air, hovering in a mechanical fashion.

Amber laughed at the toy and placed it on her bunk as well, getting ready to go out on the testing fields for another 14 hour day of testing with Vespidae and the language experts who were trying (and failing) to make a database of the bug language. She sighed.

"Merry fucking Christmas."
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