Tuesday Bells!

Who: Rosette
Where: Here and there
When: About now. Christmas eve night, 2007
Rosette sighed and fell back onto her bunk. She'd never got into
drinking, and also didn't want to end up joining the rampaging hordes
of alcoholic crewmembers who were trying to get their fix.
She looked up at the plain off-white ceiling, the beam that crossed
the middle of it, simple ducting that carried some of the power cables
for her room. They buzzed softly, only audible in the low-noise
environment of a silent room. She had none of the basic items
everyone else had... no stereo, no tv... Not even a pair of curtains.
A tear rolled down her cheek. She had no one left... Seymour was an
annoying, whiny annoyance, and the captain was a perverted bastard
whom she never wanted to see ever again. Still, this was her home,
she'd found a place where she didn't have to burn and pilfer to
survive. Part of her wanted a room like Seymours... filled with
trinkets, a Piano... and all the fancy things that came with her
previously fancy life. The rest of her wanted to live a new, simple
life... Alone to feel what she wanted to feel, and do what she wanted
to do.
"I can't sit here all night..." she said to herself, getting up and
walking towards her door. She instinctively grabbed her knife belt
and knives. Before they clicked into place around her waist, she put
it back on the cabinet and walked outside. Her door made a satisfying
clunk as it closed, and locked itself. Slowly, her feet began to step
one in front of the other, before she knew it, she was stood in front
of the Turbo lift, opening the door.
She looked at the list of decks, and asked herself about each one.
"the promenade? Nah. filled with alcoholics trying to get into
"arboretum? I'll get killed..."
"i'm already on the habitation decks, and i don't need to go to the
"Observation deck?...." she paused for a second, and pushed the
button. This time, the doors closed with a rather poor 'shoop' and
the lift began to ascend.
As the lift rocketed to the top of the gigantic vessel, she daydreamed
a dream of days long past... Christmas mornings when she'd wake up
with her family, in a huge 4-poster-bed, surrounded with presents.
She fought back the urge to cry, missing every moment of her lost
life, until the doors opened. The observation deck was huge... a
giant glass dome perched high on the top of the Blue Dwarf. Below, a
view of the entire length of the ship, and above, the stars that
spread on for eternity. Looking down at the ship, she saw its end,
and looked up, away from it. The stars had no ending, they just
disappeared into the distance... farther than the eye could see, and
farther than the mind could comprehend.
She sighed again, and closed her eyes, almost falling into a dreamless
sleep. A shooting star flew past, un-noticed by everyone onboard.
All that was left now, was to wait the few hours until the new day
began, when the date read 25.
"Merry christmas, Me..." she said out loud, ignoring everything that
might be going on around her. To her, she was alone, and it seemed,
always would be.
---------------------The End----------------
Merry Tuesday everyone! I hope you enjoy your holidays, no matter how
short they may be. If the previous year is anything to go by, it'll
be Christmas 2008 before we know it.

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