Boris Vasquez - "A new enterprise" pt1

Who: Boris Vasquez
Where: Flight Deck
When: 28th December
Boris Vasquez had been sober for 6 days now, and he was starting to
hate every waking minute of it. He was pissed off with life, and
wanted to lash out at someone.
Vasquez had worked a dead-end job in Blue Dwarf's Engineering
department for 6 years. He'd never had a promotion, despite his good
ideas, and had done the same mindless tasks day in, day out.
Many people in his position had already gone crazy, but Vasquez had
managed to stick it out this far. But now he'd had enough.
What had kept him going was one and a half bottles of triple-
distilled vodka that he drank every day at his desk. He did most of
his work pissed, and he would claim to himself that it was also his
best work.
His daily routine would be to visit the off-licence in the morning to
pick up a fresh supply of vodka, and walk to the Engineering-deck
nursing his hangover from the night before. He'd always hide the
bottle from his boss, despite knocking back many shots before
Since the alcohol riots, Boris hadn't been able to get his usual
supply of vodka so has been reminded just how depressed his job made
him feel. Anger had started to brew inside him that yesterday made
him make a vow to change his lifestyle.
"I'm sick of people walking over me Pat." Vasquez said, to anyone who
cared to listen. On the Flight Deck with him were about a dozen of
his friends, including a large man called `Big-Pat-the Fat-Twat.'
Big-Pat-the-Fat-Twat nodded, himself only ever having a simple job in
the Blue Dwarf's cargobays, mainly loading and unloading cargo
containers. But Pat wasn't very intelligent, so this job suited him.
Boris however, was an intelligent man who felt under-appreciated.
Boris and Pat had known each other for a few years. They'd often be
seen in Parrots drinking together. Boris was the cocky one who
started fights, but Big Pat was the one who threw his weight around
and finished them.
Boris paced the floor of the flight deck, with two Starbugs towering
above him. He was busy ironing out the various specifics of his
master plan. Boris had always felt he had the beginnings of a master
criminal, and the current situation onboard the Blue Dwarf now gave
him his chance.
"So how much alcohol do we have?"
Big-Pat-the-Fat-Twat looked at the crates. "Most of it." He spoke in
a deep voice which seemed to originate from within his massive
"Are you sure?" Vasquez asked again, to be doubly sure.
"Yes. The cops did most of the work for us. They searched everyone's
apartment on Christmas Eve. We just stole it off them!"
Vasquez grinned. "Good." He pointed at the crates. "So we've
collected a whole load of something that everyone wants. Now all we
need to do is sell it to the masses for an extortionate price."
Big Pat nodded. "Yes boss."
"I want you to establish a black market. Try to tell lots of people
so they'll come to us to buy their drink, but keep it quiet enough
that the cops don't find out."
Big Pat clasped his hands together. "Don't worry about the cops boss,
they're as desperate for a drink as all of us. They'll be eating out
of our hands!"
"That's true!" said Boris optimistically. "Imagine that, the Security
Department working for me. That will definitely be a change!"
Big Pat sniggered. "So boss… what about this guy?" he pointed to a
man who had been tied up and thrown on the floor.
"Oh yes!" said Boris, walking over to the man. He was struggling to
get free from his bonds, but Big Pat knew how to tie a strong
knot. "Hello there little man." Said Boris.
The tied man mumbled a few words, it appeared that his jaw was
broken, presumably by the person who tied him up.
"Did you get anything out of him before you beat him?" asked Boris.
"Yep. His name's Joseph Severn, and he had this." Pat threw the
quicky flask to Boris. Who caught it and opened it.
"hmm… a Sub-Space hip flask. It's been modified to hold as much
whisky as an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Very clever." Boris put the
flask in his back pocket. "It's a shame it's half empty though. Was
this the only one?"
"There's another." Said Big Pat. "And it's full."
"Oh?" said Boris in a curious tone. "Then surely the person who holds
it, has the most alcohol on the ship." He scowled. "And is more
powerful than me. Who is it?"
"A man named Jay Chrysler." Pat boomed. "He's the-"
"Chief Navigation Officer. Yes I know him." Said Boris. "He's a well-
known drinker in Parrotts bar. If he knows how important that alcohol
is, h knows he can be a very powerful man." Boris Vasquez pointed
back to Big Pat. "I'm going to find him. I want that hip-flask."
He turned to walk out of the Flight Deck.
"Boss? What about the Severn guy?"
"Oh… we can't have him escaping and warning Jay. Kill him."
Boris took a few men and went off to find Jay.
< Tag to anyone – I'm leaving this open-ended for now. There is still
chance for someone to be a hero and save Severn, otherwise he'll die
in the next post. Both Boris Vasquez and Big-Pat-the-Fat-Twat are
NPC's and can be killed if you can come up with a good way >

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