Captain Calvert - "An insubordinate Christmas" pt3

We're monitoring the airflow around the ship. We normally keep the
mixture of oxygen and nitrogen at the same levels, but in the last
hour the levels have changed."
Jed shrugged. "An' yer telling me why?"
"Well that means if we don't sort it out the oxygen we need will
deplete and we'll gradually get poisoned. We'll all be poisoned by new
years eve."
<end snip>
Who: Jed Calvert
Where: Drive-Room
When: The 30th of December 2107
Jed hated having to do things by himself. That's why he enjoyed having
people to do all the crap jobs for him.
He jabbed several buttons on the Communications desk. "Damn, this 'ere
'puter's more complicated than riding a star-drive bareback through a
burning Boron-Nebula." he said.
He finally hit upon the correct combination.
"Yeehaw!" he shouted down the microphone and heard himself echo
through the shipwide tannoy speakers.
"Attenshun folks, this is yer Captain speakin'. Now I know yer all
rightly pissed off about the lack of alcohol and the pubs being
closed, but if yer stop ya strike for one mere moment I'd like to tell
yer all about a mighty large problem we have onboard." he paused for
breath. "The Engineers told me about a problem with the air flow.
There's something wrong with the oxygen/nitrogen mix or some such – ah
don't understand the specifics, but I reckon it's mightily bad news if
we leave it untouched."
He looked at the digital clock in the room which was telling him time
was slipping away fast. "Now, I know the situation is bad and all you
folks reckon yer getting' a raw deal, but I ain't backing down to any
demands. You can all strike yerselves into oblivion if ya want, it
suits me. But this ship is too valuable to loose to a bit of harsh
feeling, so If some of ya don't start working again soon, I'm gonna
get angry. And you won't like me when I'm angry!"
He turned off the microphone and sat back in his chair. "Bloody
slackers. He said."
He heard a footfall behind him and looked around.
< Tag! I'll leave it for someone to please fix the situation with the
air and save the ship. Also if anyone wants to post themselves in the
Drive-Room with the Captain for a chat, please feel free >

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