There's something.... not in the air...

the lift passed quickly, and Jayne went first, landing feet first on
the lift's service hatch and kicking it through into the lift.
Vanessa came next, with Shakespeare closely behind, the stretcher
carrying Jenny between them, with Jenny, thankfully, securely
fastened to it.
The others followed shortly after.
They all landed inside the lift, the last people managing to do so
seconds before the lift dropped so far as to be a dangerous drop,
when Jayne spoke.
"Ness, sorry about that..I know that kind of stunt isn't the best
thing for a pregnant woman."
"Er...HI!" said Rufus, who had been standing next to Rosette in the
lift the whole time.
Rufus watched for a second as the group fell into the lift. His eyes
drifted down to Vanessa, and his eyes began to glaze over.
"Pregnant? But we.... we never...." he managed, before fainting.
Luckily, Rosette was close by, and was able to catch him before he hit
his head on the side of the lift. He let him down gently, laying him
on the floor.
"What's going on?" she asked the newcomers, to which she received some
incomprehensible babbling from Shakespeare.
"Theres a mob after this, we got chased through the vents." Jayne
filled in nicely. She was holding baby Alota, who was drooling onto
the floor, right next to Rufus' face.
"Oh. That's nice... I think..." Rosette replied, not really sure what
to make of it. "What's in that bottle anyway?"
"Alcohol." they all replied. Rosettes facial expression changed one
of confusion to sudden realisation. As they stopped talking, the lift
dinged, and stopped. As the doors opened, the group ran out, leaving
Rufus and Rosette in the lift, wondering what had just happened. The
lift closed, and resumed.
"Attenshun folks, this is yer Captain speakin'. Now I know yer all
rightly pissed off about the lack of alcohol and the pubs being
closed, but if yer stop ya strike for one mere moment I'd like to tell
yer all about a mighty large problem we have onboard. The Engineers
told me about a problem with the air flow.
There's something wrong with the oxygen/nitrogen mix or some such – ah
don't understand the specifics, but I reckon it's mightily bad news if
we leave it untouched."
"Oh smeg." Rosette said, understanding only the part of it being 'bad
news'. Rufus was still on the floor as the lift opened on the science
level. Rosette picked him up, slung him over her shoulder and carried
him to his science lab.
The code lock bleeped as she tried a random code. She sat Rufus down
next to the door, and sat herself down next to him, holding him up
with her arm around him. "Come on, wake up... We need your sciencey
stuff!" she said to him, not sure if he'd wake up soon.
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