Boris Vasquez - "A new enterprise" pt2

"Who is it?"
"A man named Jay Chrysler." Pat boomed. "He's the-"
"Chief Navigation Officer. Yes I know him." Said Boris. "He's a
well-known drinker in Parrotts bar. If he knows how important that
alcohol is, h knows he can be a very powerful man." Boris Vasquez
pointed back to Big Pat. "I'm going to find him. I want that hip-flask."
He turned to walk out of the Flight Deck.
"Boss? What about the Severn guy?"
"Oh… we can't have him escaping and warning Jay. Kill him."
Boris took a few men and went off to find Jay.
<end snip>
Who: Big-Pat-the-Fat-Twat and Joseph Severn
Where: Flight Deck
When: After Boris Vasquez left
Big Pat wasn't a murderer. But he trusted his friend Boris. And when
he said "kill him", Big Pat couldn't see any reason not to.
Pat wasn't the cleverest of men though. He was the biggest and
fattest, and most probably the twattiest. He tore a piece of sharp
metal from the fuselage of the Starbug leg that was parked next to him
and walked over to Joseph Severn, who was sat tied on the floor.
"You're gonna get it Mister!" he threatened, and brought the sharp
piece of metal above his head. He started to bring it down sharply
when a strong hand grabbed his wrist. He stopped.
"What?" Big Pat said, turning to the man who had stopped him. It was
one of his drinking buddies.
"Pat wait. If you kill him here there'll be blood everywhere."
"So we'll be caught. The Security Officers aren't entirely useless you
"Could have fooled me." Pat said gruffly. He dropped his arms to his
sides. "So what do we do?"
The man shrugged. Then after a while it was Big pat that came up with
a genius idea after staring at the Starbug's engines in front of him.
He grinned at Severn who made panicked noises under his gag.
Who: Boris Vasquez
Where: Parrotts bar
When: Just after
Boris walked up to Parrotts bar but didn't go in straight away. He
pulled out a cigarette and smoked it outside the window, peering in to
see if his target was inside.
Through the dirty pub window he could see Jay Chrysler sitting at a
table with Phil Febuggure.
"Predictable." he whispered to himself. "Even when the place doesn't
serve any alcohol he still sits in the same place at the same time
every day."
Boris nodded to his men who had come with him, and they all entered
the bar. The two men had shaved heads, one had a small dangly earring
in the shape of a cross, and the other had a goatee and greasy black hair.
All three sat around a table near the window. They could see Jay and
Phil clearly, and waited to make their move. Boris watched so intently
that he jumped when a waiter came to take his drinks order.
"What'll it be?" asked the blue skinned Efof, holding a pad and pen in
two arms, and the other two lazily in his pockets.
"What's the choice?" asked Boris, a little confused.
"Well Beer's off the menu obviously, so that leaves... coke... or juice."
Boris and his men ordered cokes, and watched Jay until he got up off
his stool. Boris tapped the man to his right to show that something
was happening.
Jay mouthed something to Phil, and then walked to the gents toilets.
Men very rarely visited the toilets together, so Boris knew that Jay
would be on his own in there.
"Now." Boris said simply to his men, and all three walked to the
toilets. They passed Phil, who wondered why three men were all going
to the loo together.
Inside the gents toilet, they found Jay stood at a urinal. There were
three urinals against the wall and Jay had chosen the middle one.
Boris pointed forward and his two men walked forward, pretending to
use the urinals at either side of him. Jay kept his face pointing at
eye level and smiled to the both of them.
The split second Jay had finished, they grabbed him and span him
around to face Boris (they at least gave him the dignity of putting
his little fella away first).
"What do you want?" Jay demanded, trying to free himself fro mthe iron
grip of Boris' men.
"Mister Chrysler. How are you enjoying your coka-cola today?"
"It's fine. No substitute to lager, but it's fine."
"Are you sure you haven't got any extra flavouring in it? Whiskey
"What are you talking about?"
"From a hip-flask perhaps?"
"No, of course not." Jay lied. "There's no alcohol left, you know that."
Boris chuckled. "We both know that's not true Mister Chrylser. And we
both know that whoever has alcohol at this very moment in time can be
very powerful. More powerful than the Captain in fact."
Jay paused. "Your point?"
"Oh, I'm just saying that someone with a vast quantity of alcohol
could use it very wisely to become very powerful, and very rich."
Jay stopped struggling. "You have some?"
Boris smiled. "You'd be surprised how much people are willing to pay
for alcohol this far out in space, especially at this time of year. In
the last two days alone I've made a fortune with people coming to me
desperate for a few bottles of wine to make their New Years Eve
celebrations go well. And I can charge whatever I want!"
"Good for you." Jay spat. "So what do you want from me?"
"Oh a little bird told me that you're in possession of quite a lot of
alcohol. Give it to me!" he ordered.
"Severn!" Jay scolded. "Wait until I get my hands on him".
"Oh no need Mister Chrysler. My men are 'disposing' of him right now."
This made Jay struggle even harder. "You'd better let him go."
"Too late. Now give me the alcohol."
Outside, Phil was wondering how long Jay could piss for.
Who: Big-Pat-the-Big-Twat and Joseph Severn
Where: Flight Deck
When: Same time
Big Pat had thrown a rope up over the Starbug's engines and was now
hosting the tied body of Severn up to them.
Then he reached the top, Severn looked straight into the Starbug's
powerful engine and prayed.
"START THE ENGINE!" shouted Big Pat. Severn cringed.
The Starbug chugged, but didn't start. All that could be heard was
the sound of the starter motor failing to start the engine.
"Give it more gas!" shouted one person.
"Don't flood the engine!" shouted another.
Severn quietly sighed. Maybe he was saved after – VROOOOOOMMMM. The
engine flared into life, sending a huge fireball backwards out of the
engine which caught Severn straight in the face and engulfed his
entire body. Within seconds he was turned into mere dust which was
blasted backwards at half the speed of light.
The engine died down and Big pat stood behind, covered in the
unrecognisable atoms of Joseph Severn. He coughed out a mouthful of ash.
A quiet moment came across the entire Flight Deck and the realisation
set in about what they'd just done. They had been party to a murder of
one of their own crew.
On the back wall, far from where they were all standing was a security
camera that none of them knew about. It watched the entire proceedings.
< Tag – is anyone watching through that security camera? From now on,
I'm not sure what to do with Boris or Big Pat, so if anyone wants to
interfere then that would be helpful! >

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