Time for the real new year

Who: Rosette & Rufus
Where: Engineering, mostly
When: After rufus saved everyone!
Just as they reached the door, however, Keto paused, causing
Wildflower to look at him quizzically. Without turning round, he
tilted his head slightly and spoke back over his shoulder.
"I'm sorry I missed the memorial," he said, quietly. Then, without
another word, he headed out of the door under his own power, leaving
Wildflower standing there, blinking.
Rufus and Rosette stood there in silence for a second after keto had
left. Rufus looked down at the floor, wondering if he could believe
the words that the doctor had said. Rosette looked at him, and smiled.
"Come on, cheer up! you just saved everyone!" she said, wanting to
throw her arms around him and congratulate him in a more real way. He
looked at her, and a weak smile appeared. She chuckled slighytly, and
turned back towards the door.
"So... How about that coffee now?" she asked, it was still the middle
of the night. She thought about that for a second, and turned back to
"Actually... If i have a coffee now, i'll never be able to sleep...
Tomorrow?" she asked, hoping he wouldn't mind. Rufus yawned, for the
millionth time since his mother died, "Yeah, sleep would probably be a
good idea..." he replied. He picked up his cane from the side of the
machine, and began to walk with Rosette towards the door.
The two walked silently for a few minutes, occasionally catching each
others eye, there was definitely something in him that Rosette liked,
maybe it was the ease with which he saved everyone... or maybe it was
that he'd not run away when she kissed him earlier that night.
"I know Seymour's door code if you want to see if he's got any wine
left to celebrate the new year..." rosette said, not knowing if he
drank. "My place is still a bit empty, but you're welcome to stay for
a bit if you want..." she asked, hoping he'd say yes, to give her more
of a chance to get to know him.

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