Security to the rescue......(for once!)

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"Good for you." Jay spat. "So what do you want from me?"
"Oh a little bird told me that you're in possession of quite a lot of
alcohol. Give it to me!" he ordered.
"Severn!" Jay scolded. "Wait until I get my hands on him".
"Oh no need Mister Chrysler. My men are 'disposing' of him right now."
This made Jay struggle even harder. "You'd better let him go."
"Too late. Now give me the alcohol."
Outside, Phil was wondering how long Jay could piss for.
<end snip>
While there was a blatently obvious murder occuring on one screen in
the security office, there was also somebody being accosted in the
gents. Chris decided that the latter would be more interesting to
As soon as he heard Jay's outburt's he realised that something was
wrong. Badly wrong. As good at brawling as Jay was, he couldn't take
on three people.
"....he'd best be grateful for this" muttered Chris, angrily as he
stood, opened his desk draw and picked up a small, old fashioned hand
gun from it.
He subsequently ran out the door and down the corridor, towards the
promenade, and more importantly, parrots. On the way there he tripped
and flew straight into the door and landed on the bar.
Spotting Phil, he immediately walked over to him.
"Where's Jay?" He asked quietly.
Phil nodded towards the gents.
Chris raised a hand in thanks to Phil and walked slowly, removing the
gun from it's holster and raising it, towards the door to the wash
He burst in, gun raised, to see Jay surrounded by the three thugs.
"SECURITY!" He shouted. "Hands up, lads" he added, indicating to the
three men, and ushering Jay towards him, chucking him a pair of
"Give us a hand, eh?"
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