Jed Calvert - "Beer back on the menu"

Who: Captain Jed Calvert
Where: Mining Deck
When: As the air problem was being fixed
The Captain had ushered most of the crew into the Mining Decks. They
were grumbling pretty intensely, but at least they were alive. The air
here was dusty, but at least it was rich with oxygen.
They had only began to get comfortable when Jed heard the nervous oice
of Rufus Febuggure over the tannoy system.
"Captain Calvert, Sir. It's Rufus FeBuggure here, I fixed the problem
with the air. It was a bolt had come lose you see... So... Urm... It's
all working again now."
Jed grinned. At least there were some of his crew that weren't
absolutely hopeless. He thanked his various gods for Rufus' capability
to fix things. Then he furrowed his brow. "A bolt had come loose?" he
said to himself. "Geez, and nobody else could be bothered to fix a
tiny thing like that?"
He stood on a barrel to raise himself above the crowd. "Right ya
useless lot, the air is safe to breath around this hyar ship, so feel
free to go about yer business."
The crowd let out a pathetic cheer, and one person spoke for them when
he shouted from the back "We're still not coming back to work until we
get beer!". There were some grumbles of agreement.
Jed grimaced, and tried to see the face of the person who said that,
so he could punch him on the way out.
As he watched the people leave the deck, Jed got a phone call from
someone on the Flight Deck.
"Captain, this is Andy Roos." Said the voice.
Jed paused for a moment, trying to remember put a face to the name.
"The janitor." Andy said for clarification. "I think you should come
here right away!"
"This hyar better be important!" said Jed angrily, and hung up. He
joined the crowd exiting the deck and made his way to the Flight Deck.
Who: Jed Calvert and Andy Roos
Where: Flight Deck
When: Few minutes later
"What is it sonny?" asked Jed, seeing Andy stood by a large crate. Jed
walked over and a smear of blood and flesh stretching for a few metres
and ending under the cargo container.
"Jesus! What happened to him?" Jed said.
"Oh, some guy got in the way." Admitted Andy. "But look at this!" He
pressed a button on the electronic crate and a small tap appeared.
Andy was quickly ready with a plastic cup and caught the amber
coloured liquid that poured out.
He held it up to Jed.
"Is that whut ah think it is sonny?"
Andy beamed proudly and handed the cup to Jed. Jed took it and swigged
the whole lot back in one gulp, then he wiped the froth from his top
lip and exhaled happily.
"That's some good beer." He said.
Jed slapped Andy on the back so hard that he almost knocked him over.
"Go get some skutters help you rig this up to the pumps in Parrotts
and I'll go tell the crew that we're back in business." Jed said, and
before he ran off, slapped Andy on the back again.
Jed was so happy that he almost skipped to the Drive-Room. The place
was still empty due to the strike, but that should all change soon. He
picked up the microphone for the ship wide tannoy system and spoke
into it.
"Ladies and gentle-folk, this is yer Captain speakin'. Ah've just been
down to the Flight Deck where we've just received a new shipment of
beer." He paused to let that sink in. "I want everyone to go have a
drink, get themselves leathered if ya so want, and then turn up for
work good and proper the next mornin'. And ah'll have no excuses this
As soon as he turned the microphone off, he could feel the vibrations
through the hull of several hundred people rushing to Parrotts at once.

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