**Action: Stranded - Part II**

Everyone in Parrotts stopped their celebrations when they heard the
emergency klaxons sounding over the booming music, followed by a voice
over the tannoy system.
"Attention all crew! We have detected a massive sensor return from all
sides. Approaching vessels are in hostile formation, and will be
within weapons range in a few minutes. All pilots to their ships, and
hold off the attack until we can warm up the Wormhole Drive."
Jed, feeling the need to act like the captain, stood up on the bar to
address his crew.
"Orrite, y'all heard the man. If there's ne'ry as many as they make it
sound, we'll need an'one with so much asa gorram space-bike license.
Now gyet to yer stations!"
Most of the bar's occupants pushed and shoved their way out into the
promenade, and headed down to the hangar bays lining the ship. The
rest did, of course, either go to their quarters to await their
salvation, or to their pre-determined stations in case of a boarding
The hangar bays were an unusual flurry of activity, as the deck crew
hastily patched up any minor damage, and helped the pilots into their
"Just make sure you come back in one piece, ok?" said Katrina as she
removed the refuelling hose from the underside of the Phoenix.
"Bit melodramatic aren't we?" replied Jay
"Well, you've had a pretty rough day."
"And you've been drinking."
"Ah...well...I can take it?"
Katrina looked unswayed.
"Best be off, see you soon!" said Jay hurriedly, kissing Katrina on
the cheek and racing up into the Phoenix.
The massive cloud of ships that exited from the Blue Dwarf was truly a
sight to behold, as they formed a defensive perimeter around the ship.
"Mark one-oh to Jay, over." Crackled over the comm channels
"Jay here, what're you doing flying?"
"You need all the help you can get, now, look at your sensor screen.
You see what I see?"
"Negative. What?"
"There's nothing there. We're alone out here."
Jed burst in through the command deck doors – not an easy feat, given
that they were automated – and briefly surveyed the scene before him;
most of the command crew were tied up and gagged, and those that
weren't were slouching around, holding bazookoids.
"Whut in th' he-ARGH!" was all Jed could manage, before he was knocked
out from behind.
"Sorry cap, we're calling the shots now."
"All birds back to base, seems there's been a mistake." Jay announced
across the comms, but it was too late. The ragtag fleet of starbugs,
space eagles, and blue midgets turned just in time to see the `Dwarf
open a wormhole and slip away, promptly shutting the sub-space link
behind it.
All communication channels were flooded in a wild flurry of chatter,
with screams of "What happened?!" and "What now?!" being the most
frequent sentiments.
Mk.10 plugged himself straight into the comm relay of his own space
eagle, and sent a loud, high-pitched screech across all channels,
silencing most of the fleet.
"Thanks Mk. Now, here's what we're going to do." Said Jay, hoping to
get some sort of order in place.
"Most ships are already bingo fuel. There's a small planet nearby that
is perfectly capable of supporting life, so let's set down there, and
access the situation."
Calls of `Roger' followed, and the large group of ships began their
decent into the atmosphere of the planet, wondering how long it was
going to be until they saw the big blue again.
----------------------------One Week Later----------------------------
Jed blearily opened his eyes, and as usual was laying in a holding
cell, and was greeted with the sight of a gang of filthy, yet heavily
armed, scumbags appointed with the job of watching him and the other
drive room staff who'd tried to stand up to the mutineers. He knew it
wouldn't be long before his alcohol-rich saliva had eaten right
through his gag, but it came as little comfort when faced with the
simple truth that he now had to rely on the abilities of his remaining
Those planetside were finding it difficult adapting to this new world,
which appeared to be populated by xenophobic, militaristic,
turtle-like people, calling themselves the Shellites. After a few
unpleasant skirmishes, the stranded `Dwarfers managed to disguise
themselves with shells crudely fashioned from cannibalised starbug
hulls, and were having frequent underground discussions to determine
where they stood, and how to track down their rogue vessel...
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OOC: Ok guys. Most of the crew are now stranded on a strange alien
world, and if contending with fitting in with the natives wasn't
enough, they also need to work out how the hell to track down the Blue
Dwarf. Let's be creative.
As for those who want to write as still being aboard the `Dwarf,
you'll have to resort to guerrilla tactics to try and take it back
from the reasonably sized force currently holding it. Liberating Jed
may be a good first step.
This plot is mostly open for you all to play with, so play along (JPs
are welcome and encouraged), and above all, enjoy!

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